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Tory MPs refute media myth that Parliament being in recess means they are "on holiday"

By Matthew Barrett
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On yesterday's Today programme, Justin Webb, introducing a section on the Lords, said "MPs are still on holiday but the House of Lords is sitting..."

Although he was later happy to acknowledge MPs are not, in fact, "on holiday", Webb set off a series of tweets from Tory MPs miffed at the fact they were being portrayed as taking too much time off. David Jones (Clwyd West) got the ball rolling

Dan Byles (North Warwickshire) continued:

Other MPs joined in:

While it may be true that Parliament isn't sitting, it doesn't mean MPs are all sitting in the sun. Gavin Barwell (Croydon Central) believes Parliament should sit more often:

That's a discussion for another day but either way, it's good to see MPs fighting back against the media myth that MPs are "on holiday" just because Parliament is in recess.


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