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29 Tory MPs rebelled last night against individual Budget measures

By Tim Montgomerie
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A good number of Tory MPs rebelled last night over Budget measures.

Ten rebelled over the so-called pasty tax, including four West Country MPs (italics):

  1. Philip Davies
  2. George Eustice
  3. Gordon Henderson
  4. Philip Hollobone
  5. Anne Main
  6. Sheryll Murray
  7. Sarah Newton
  8. Matthew Offord
  9. Mark Reckless
  10. Gary Streeter

Seventeen rebelled over the 'caravan tax':

  1. Peter Aldous
  2. Douglas Carswell
  3. Christopher Chope
  4. David Davis
  5. Nadine Dorries
  6. Gordon Henderson
  7. Philip Hollobone
  8. Stewart Jackson
  9. Anne Main
  10. Anne McIntosh
  11. Andrew Percy
  12. Mark Pritchard
  13. Mark Reckless
  14. Graham Stuart
  15. Martin Vickers
  16. Craig Whittaker
  17. John Whittingdale

Another 14 rebelled about VAT on protected buildings, including churches:

  1. Peter Bottomley
  2. Douglas Carswell
  3. William Cash
  4. Christopher Chope
  5. Nadine Dorries
  6. Philip Hollobone
  7. Stewart Jackson
  8. Edward Leigh
  9. Anne Main
  10. David Nuttall
  11. Mark Pritchard
  12. Mark Reckless
  13. Richard Shepherd
  14. Charles Walker

In total I calculate 29 rebels. Philip Hollobone was the only Tory MP to rebel on all three occasions.


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