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After being shoved up against a wall by Eric Joyce, Andrew Percy MP finds his back problem cured

By Matthew Barrett
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After Labour MP Eric Joyce was sentenced to community service for twelve months and had various curfews imposed on him earlier this week, some good has come of the pub brawl Mr Joyce was arrested for. 

Andrew Percy CommonsThe Conservative Member for Brigg and Goole, Andrew Percy, has had his long-term back problem seemingly cured by being pushed against a wall by Joyce. The Sunday Express' Kirsty Buchanan reports that Percy's back complaint, which he suffered after "taking a tumble as a teenager", was so bad that at times he couldn't climb into a car. The paper reports: 

"The condition was ­particularly painful the night the Brigg and Goole MP found himself on the sharp end of Joyce’s now infamous drunken outburst but since that night 34-year-old Mr Percy has had not so much as a twinge. “It’s certainly not a form of treatment I would be recommending to other people with back problems,” he said. “It’s also not easy to ­recreate; go into a bar and find a narky, drunk Scotsman.”"

Percy explains his experience on the night of the brawl - and the amazing healing powers of Eric Joyce:

"“I asked very politely: ‘Can I get to my seat please?’ because he (Joyce) was blocking my way. He replied: ‘No.’ He sort of pushed me but I stood firm and was trying to get round him. I was near a table and in an awkward position. He gave me a big shove against a wall. I landed on my left shoulder, it did not hurt that much then everything else kicked off. Ever since that night my back’s been fine.”"


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