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Tory candidate in Feltham & Heston asks Labour's one: where do you stand on our EU veto?

Conservative candidate in the Feltham & Heston by-election, Mark Bowen, has written to Labour's Seema Malhotra highlighting that Cameron's veto of the EU treaty has a lot of support among traditional Labour supporters. He also asks her whether she is with the British people or the Labour party to deal with the economic crisis:

BowenDear Seema

You will know from knocking on doors in Feltham and Heston that local people have responded positively to the Prime Minister’s use of the veto in Brussels last week. He came to Feltham and Heston to support my campaign on the day he travelled to Brussels for the summit and he was absolutely clear then, that he would stand up for Britain and that is exactly what he did.

The polls show strong support for David Cameron’s stance, even amongst Labour voters.  

This week aides of your leader Ed Miliband started briefing journalists that he too would have vetoed the proposed EU treaty – despite strongly criticising the Prime Minister’s decision.

Where do you stand on this? At our hustings you said membership of the EU was a no-brainer, which is a far clearer statement than Ed Miliband has made over the last week.

Can you tell me, and the people of Feltham and Heston, if you support the Prime Minister’s action in standing up for Britain?

On the economy, polls also show that the British people back the government’s plan to deal with Labour’s deficit so we don’t pass it on to the children of Feltham and Heston to deal with. In a recent poll, three-quarters of people said we should pay off the deficit as soon as possible - just 18% disagreeing. Over half of Labour voters said the government should not borrow anymore. 

Do you agree with the British people on the economy, or do you back Labour’s plans which would see mortgage payments soar for hard working families in Feltham and Heston?

Kind regards,

Mark Bowen


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