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The humour of Chris Heaton-Harris MP

By Tim Montgomerie
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CHH RefChris Heaton-Harris MP was this week's political pin up. A qualified football referee (wearing, I think, an Italian shirt in the picture on the right) he helped find a compromise solution to the stand-off between the FA and FIFA about whether the England football team could wear poppies during the game against Spain, later today:

"I was reading the FIFA regulations and it was fairly obvious you could not have a poppy on the shirt - but that you could on an armband. I contacted someone close to FIFA and ended up speaking to Jerome Valcke on the phone and then the FA. There was a lot of stuff going on in the background with the Prime Minister and Prince William both writing to FIFA but I did have a small part to play."

Thank you Chris but what do we think of his humour? He was tweeting his favourite jokes last night...

  • The EU Health Commissioner has caused controversy at EuroDisney. He insisted the kitchens were closed after finding a giant mouse in them.
  • After his claims that he could "remember when rock was young" geologists estimated Elton John to be over 4 billion years old.
  • Apple are working on a secret electronic viewing device for the Navy. It's called the iEye Captain.
  • My friend David lost his ID the other day. Now we have to call him Dav.

And my favourite one...

  • Earlier this week an asteroid narrowly missed the Earth by 201,000 miles. Scientists have named it "Emile Heskey".

I remember when Chris gave an after dinner speech at a Conservative Future dinner in Bath some years ago. The humour then was a little more, well, blue!


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