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Bill Cash accuses European Commission president José Manuel Barroso of reiterating an "Alice in Wonderland fantasy idea of greater economic integration in the Eurozone"

By Joseph Willits 
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Cash In a speech today the president of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso told the European Parliament in Strasbourg, that "if we do not go for further integration, we risk fragmentation". Barroso also said that "we need to complete our monetary union with an economic union," and that "we must deepen economic coordination and integration".

In a press release, Bill Cash MP responded:

“Who on earth the unelected and unaccountable President of the European Commission continues to lecture the whole European Union on what is to be done about the mess that has been created over the past 20 odd years beggars belief, given that their statements do not have a shred of democratic authority.

“He reiterates the Alice in Wonderland fantasy idea of greater economic integration in the Eurozone as a proposed short term fix but unfortunately this judgement overlooks the fact that it is doomed to failure and Britain would be better off avoiding the inevitable implosion and sitting down with those from other Member States or those who are prepared to discuss with us the want to avoid the implosion.

“In our own vital national interests, we must take the lead in renegotiating all the European Treaties, combining with other Member States who reject the need for European economic government and fiscal union for the Eurozone.

“In the light of these comments, it is vital that David Cameron to go to the next Summit and set out an agenda for renegotiation of all the Treaties and to make it clear that there will be a UK Referendum for the proposals for economic governance of the Eurozone and fiscal union.” 


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