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E-petition launched to review the smoking ban - and the 10 most popular e-petitions so far

By Matthew Barrett
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A new e-petition has been launched today by chef and broadcaster Anthony Worrall Thompson, calling on the government to review the smoking ban - a policy generally unpopular with ConHome readers. The text of the petition is:

"We petition the Government to review the impact of the smoking ban on pubs and clubs and consider an amendment that would give licensees the option of separate well-ventilated smoking rooms."

This is also an opportune moment to take a look at the top ten most popular e-petitions so far. They are listed below, with the figure on the right denoting the number of signatures collected:

  1. Convicted London rioters should loose all benefits - 217,921
  2. Full disclosure of all government documents relating to 1989 Hillsborough disaster - 109,482
  4. Make financial education a compulsory part of the school curriculum - 40,069
  5. Petition to retain the ban on Capital Punishment - 24,822
  6. Keep Formula 1 Free To Air in the UK - 21,301
  7. Britain wants referendum to leave EU - 21,252
  8. Restore Capital Punishment - 16,996
  9. Public & Private Pension Increases - change from RPI to CPI - 16,756 
  10. Increase policing DONT CUT IT - 9,366

> Robert Halfon MP - whose e-petition is the third most popular - wrote about his e-petition for us on Sunday


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