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John Taylor shouldn't be allowed to return to the House of Lords

By Tim Montgomerie
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TAYLOR JOHN Those of us who don't see Lords reform as a priority do not believe that the Lords is perfect. One reform that should be made is the exclusion of law-breakers from the membership of the upper house. The Sun is on its high horse this morning, chasing down the position of Lord Taylor of Warwick, jailed yesterday for expenses abuse:

"How absurd that a man who systematically stole from taxpayers, lied on oath and was jailed can still keep his seat in the Lords. Slippery Lord Taylor provided a false address to illegally claim £11,000 in expenses. He lied to a reporter who uncovered the scandal, then denied his thieving in court - only admitting guilt once convicted. Now the disgraced peer is set to serve just three months behind bars before walking free to reclaim his place in Parliament. Having flagrantly flouted the law, he could be entrusted with creating it. The Sun doesn't believe major reform of the Lords should be a Government priority. There are dozens of more urgent concerns. But there SHOULD be a new Act of Parliament to prevent crooks from shaping the law of the land. And Taylor should not get a vote on it."

The Sun is right.


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