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David Morris calls on Transport Secretary to adopt Jeremy Clarkson's policy on speed cameras

By Jonathan Isaby

Morris David David Morris, who gained Morecambe and Lunesdale at last year's general election, is clearly in the running to be the most motorist-friendly MP.

He has just tabled two early day motions, the first of which was inspired by a proposal made by Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear that speed cameras should have the speed limit affixed to them. EDM 1240 reads:

That this House notes that speed cameras have become increasingly prevalent in recent years; further notes that many motorists believe they exist solely for revenue raising purposes; believes that Jeremy Clarkson was right to advocate fixing signs to the back of the cameras with the speed limit on; further believes that this will make cameras easier to see, reducing traffic speed and cutting the number of penalty charge notices issued; and demands that the Government and local authorities consider this proposal very closely.

He observes:

“For too long the placing of these cameras has been far more to do with revenue raising than reducing accidents. This idea will help drivers notice the cameras, cutting traffic speed whilst ensuring people don’t get fined. If this was all about road safety everyone would agree with Clarkson on this idea.”

Meanwhile, EDM 1241 calls on the Government to consider implementing the one-time Conservative policy of a fuel duty stabiliser:

That this House notes recent calls in the press for the Government to implement a fuel price stabiliser; further notes that such calls have been made against a backdrop of financial problems for the haulage industry; believes that such a stabiliser would be a pragmatic way to help both private and commercial drivers over short-term increasesin crude oil prices; and calls on the Government to consider implementing this policy as soon as practically possible.

Just last month he tabled a motion calling for cuts to fuel tax.


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