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David Davies calls for Prince William to be made Duke of Monmouth on his marriage next year

By Jonathan Isaby

Picture 3 Monmouth MP David Davies used today's Business Questions to raise the pressing issue of which title might be bestowed upon Prince William on his marriage to Kate Middleton next year:

"Many of us look forward not only to the royal wedding, but to finding out what title will be bestowed on Prince William. Will the Leader of the House remind the Privy Council that the dukedom of Monmouth has been vacant since 1685, for reasons best glossed over? I am sure that the residents of that county would be delighted to be associated with the royal wedding in any way possible."

Leader of the House, Sir George Young, was not willing to involve himself in such speculation:

"My hon. Friend risks opening a bidding war in the Chamber among other hon. Members who wish their constituencies to be recognised in the same manner. Let me simply say that, although I note his remarks, the issue is way, way above my pay grade."

The last Duke of Monmouth was of course executed after trying to overthrown his uncle, James II, in the so-named Monmouth Rebellion.

Some press speculation suggests that the Prince does not want a dukedom and would rather remain Prince William, whilst others suggest he is in line for the dukedom of Clarence or Cambridge. Time will tell...


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