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Charles Tannock MEP is Britain's best Value-For-Money MEP

Tim Montgomerie

TANNOCK CHARLES Charles Tannock, a Tory MEP for London, has been named by The Sunday Telegraph as the MEP who gives taxpayers the best value for money.

He gets the rating because of his "near-perfect attendance of 97.44%" and his "moderate to low expenses". The newspaper also credits him with "bombarding" EU officials with questions about their responsibilities.

ConHome is particularly pleased to see Mr Tannock at the top of the league table. He writes regularly for this site but sadly that openness to Tory members isn't reflected in the Sunday Telegraph's calculations!

Unfortunately it's another Tory MEP who languishes at the bottom of the VFM table. The South East region's James Elles claimed one of the highest amounts for expenses but also had one of the lowest activity rates in terms of attendance, speeches and questions.

Read more in The Sunday Telegraph.


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