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David Mowat MP answers ConHome's Twenty Questions for the Class of 2010

Here is the latest in our series of Twenty Questions with members of the Class of 2010...

Mowat David David Mowat was elected MP for Warrington South with a majority of 1,553.

1. What is your earliest political memory? An SNP MP was keen to marry a cousin of mine in the early 70’s. In an attempt to impress my Aunt he organised a family trip to Parliament.

2. Complete the sentence: “I’m a Conservative because… We recognise the limits of the State and understand the ethical case for free markets. This makes us the party of freedom and social mobility.”

3. Who is your political hero and why? Margaret Thatcher. For her unwavering resolve.

4. When did you decide you wanted to become an MP? After retiring from my business in 2004.

5. What is your reading material of choice? The Spectator, The New Statesman and UK Polling Report.

6. Who is your favourite political interviewer/presenter on TV or radio? Not sure he counts as a presenter but it would be Rod Liddle. If I can’t have him, Andrew Neil.

7. If you could run any government department, which would it be and why? Either BIS or DECC. I helped create and then led a business with a turnover of around £500million before entering politics. The business was concerned with Energy and I spent quite a bit of time advising governments and multinationals on energy policy.

8. Which non-Conservative politician do you most admire? Frank Field.

9. Who would you least want to get stuck with in a House of Commons lift? I’m new. It’s up to me to get on with everybody. That said, 30 seconds with Al Gore would be too much to bear. If it needs to be a current member it would be Gordon Brown.

10. If you were in the US, would you be a Republican or a Democrat? By instinct I’m Rebublican but some of their candidates would be tough to vote for. It would probably depend which part of the States I was in and who the candidate was.

11. What do you enjoy doing to unwind and relax? I play golf quite badly and chess quite well.

12. What is your favourite book? The Strangers and Brothers series by CP Snow.

13. What is your favourite film? The Godfather.

14. What is your favourite music? Blood on the Tracks or Desire Albums - Bob Dylan.

15. What would be your ideal meal and where would you eat it? Steak and Chips in a local family-run restaurant in France. Ideally with as many family and friends as we could round up.

16. What is your favourite holiday destination? France.

17. What do you most want to achieve during your first term in Parliament? To make a difference. Both to my constituents and our country.

18. Tell us one interesting, unusual or surprising fact about yourself. I can identify any Bob Dylan track 10 seconds after it has started. Sad but true.

19. Tell us one interesting, unusual or surprising fact about your constituency. It is the only constituency in the country with a Super League rugby league team which has a Tory MP.

20. Share with us your most amusing story or favourite anecdote from the campaign trail. Canvassing close to the end I was told by a householder that he was a Sinn Fein voter. I explained that they were not standing this time and asked if he would consider us. In the end we put him down as a Green.

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