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Andrea Leadsom MP answers ConHome's Twenty Questions for the Class of 2010

Here is the latest in our series of Twenty Questions with members of the Class of 2010...

Andrea Leadsom Commons Andrea Leadsom was elected MP for South Northamptonshire with a majority of 20,478.

1. What is your earliest political memory? Sitting round the dinner table aged 13 discussing nuclear war - my Mum was in favour of an independent nuclear deterrent, my Dad in favour of unilateral disarmament...

2. Complete the sentence: “I’m a Conservative because… I have always believed I could make this country a better place. I want to do that now more than ever".

3. Who is your political hero and why? Aung San Suu Kyi because she has made the most unbelievable personal sacrifices of family and freedom to try and free her people from tyranny.

4. When did you decide you wanted to become an MP? Aged 13.

5. What is your reading material of choice? Newspapers; adventurous or heroic or historical novels; news and comment websites.

6. Who is your favourite political interviewer/presenter on TV or radio? Jeremy Vine - he combines good intellect with good manners, proving political discussion can be civilised.

7. If you could run any government department, which would it be and why? Treasury - we need to sort out the banks, get our economy back on track and invest in preventing social breakdown.

8. Which non-Conservative politician do you most admire? Barack Obama.

9. Who would you least want to get stuck with in a House of Commons lift? I'd rather be stuck with anyone than alone - it's too claustrophobic in those lifts...

10. If you were in the US, would you be a Republican or a Democrat? Depends on the President.  I would be a Democrat today, but a Republican in Reagan's day.

11. What do you enjoy doing to unwind and relax? Dinner parties with friends; spending time with my husband; being with my children.

12. What is your favourite book? Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks - it's unforgettable and made me realise both how tragic war is and what a huge debt we owe those who fight for us.

13. What is your favourite film? Hard to say, but I have to watch Four Weddings and a Funeral every couple of years because it makes me laugh every time!

14. What is your favourite music? Best song of all time is Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody for the memories of singing it with my sisters as kids and seeing my own three singing it to us now; I love Jason Mraz, Lily Allen, loads of different stuff.

15. What would be your ideal meal and where would you eat it? Roast anything, at home with my husband, children and my Mum on a Sunday, cooked by me and loved by them...

16. What is your favourite holiday destination? Kitzbühel, Austria.

17. What do you most want to achieve during your first term in Parliament? Solve the world's problems - that's all.

18. Tell us one interesting, unusual or surprising fact about yourself.  Nah - that could only be a bit of self promotion.

19. Tell us one interesting, unusual or surprising fact about your constituency. It is as far from the sea as you can get in Britain; it is home to the Silverstone Circuit and the British Grand Prix.

20. Share with us your most amusing story or favourite anecdote from the campaign trail. I was handing out leaflets in Towcester and met Keith, who was very cynical about politics, saying he doesn't vote as no politician has ever bothered to seek his support.  A few days later, I was canvassing and knocked on a door in Towcester, when who should open it but Keith... We laughed and he said I had obviously followed him home to try and prove him wrong.  A week later was polling day and I was telling outside one of Towcester's polling stations.  Yes, Keith walked in!  I now often see him at the Job Club I set up in Towcester and he no longer thinks politicians ignore him.

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