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The Alternative Queen's Speech (from Christopher Chope, Peter Bone and Philip Hollobone)

3 The BBC's Mark D'Arcy has noted a number of so-called Presentation Bills tabled by Peter Bone, Chris Chope and Philip Hollobone. Mark presents these bills as an Alternative Queen's Speech. They include:

  • The EU Membership (Referendum) Bill
  • The BBC Licence Fee (Abolition) Bill
  • The National Service Bill
  • The Asylum Seekers (Repatriation to Safe Countries) Bill
  • The Apprehension of Burglars (Protection from Prosecution) Bill
  • The Taxation Freedom Day (Celebration) Bill
  • The EU Bill of Rights (Repeal) Bill
  • The Snow Clearance (Protection from Prosecution) Bill

Who'd vote for the Bone, Chope and Hollobone party?

Tim Montgomerie


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