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Tories will chair Treasury, Foreign Affairs and ten other select committees

I've just picked up this list from ePolitix.

A Conservative MP will chair the following committees:

  1. Culture, media and sport;
  2. Defence;
  3. Education;
  4. Energy and climate change;
  5. Environment, food and rural affairs;
  6. Foreign affairs;
  7. Health;
  8. Northern Ireland;
  9. Treasury;
  10. Welsh affairs;
  11. Public administration
  12. Procedure.

A Lib Dem MP will chair:

  1. International development
  2. Justice.

A Labour MP will chair:

  1. Public accounts (formerly Edward Leigh but always chaired by an opposition MP);
  2. Environmental audit;
  3. Work and pensions;
  4. Transport;
  5. Scottish affairs;
  6. Science and technology;
  7. Home affairs;
  8. Communities and local government;
  9. Business, innovation and skills.

In the past the whips were able to allocate the chairmanships of these committees but they'll now be elected posts. Conservative backbench MPs, for example, will choose the chairmen of each of the select committees which have been allocated to the Conservative Party. Apologies, the true position was set out by Sir George Young earlier: "Although all hon. Members will be entitled to vote in the ballot for each Chair, only members of the party specified in the motion will be eligible to stand as candidates for that post."

Tim Montgomerie


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