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Michael Howard, John Maples, Shireen Ritchie are among new Tory peers; John Prescott, Sue Nye and Quentin Davies become Labour peers

10 Downing Street has just published the list of 56 new peerages.


  1. John Maples and Shireen Ritchie win peerages for their work in the candidates department. I regard Maples' elevation as an insult to grassroots Conservatives for the reasons stated here.
  2. Simon Wolfson, Chief Executive of Next.
  3. Former Tory leader Michael Howard.
  4. Guy Black of Telegraph Media Group.
  5. John Gardiner of the Countryside Alliance.

For Labour, Gordon Brown's long-suffering assistant Sue Nye is enobled. Quentin Davies - the Tory MP who defected to Labour during Gordon Brown's honeymoon - gets the reward of a seat on the red benches. And also class warrior John Prescott joins the Upper House.

Tim Montgomerie

5pm: Full lists of working peers

  1. Guy Black
  2. Margaret Eaton
  3. Edward Faulks QC
  4. John Gardiner
  5. Helen Newlove
  6. Dolar Amarshie Popat
  7. Shireen Olive Ritchie
  8. Deborah Stedman-Scott
  9. Nat Wei
  10. Simon Wolfson
  1. Floella Benjamin
  2. Mike German AM
  3. Meral Hussein Ece
  4. Sir Ken Macdonald QC
  5. Kathryn Parminter
  6. John Shipley
  1. Sir Jeremy Beecham
  2. Paul Boateng
  3. Rita Donaghy
  4. Jeannie Drake
  5. Dr Dianne Hayter
  6. Anna Healy
  7. Roy Kennedy
  8. Helen Liddell
  9. Roger Liddle
  10. Jack McConnell
  11. John Monks
  12. Sue Nye
  13. Maeve Sherlock
  14. Robert Stevenson
  15. Margaret Wheeler
  16. Michael Williams

Dissolution peers

  1. Tim Boswell
  2. Angela Browning
  3. John Gummer
  4. Michael Howard
  5. John Maples
  6. Michael Spicer
  1. Richard Allan
  2. Matthew Taylor
  3. Phil Willis
  1. Hillary Armstrong
  2. Des Browne
  3. Quentin Davies
  4. Beverly Hughes
  5. John Hutton
  6. Jim Knight
  7. Tom McAvoy
  8. John McFall
  9. John Prescott
  10. John Reid
  11. Angela Smith
  12. James Touhig
  13. David Wills

In addition:

  1. Ian Paisley, DUP
  2. Sir Ian Blair, Crossbencher
More information on the Downing Street website.


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