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Was that it? A quick summary of the Queen' Speech

Picture 9 Here is a quick run down of the aims of the Government Bills the Queen has just announced for the new session of Parliament:

  • To enhance governance of the financial sector
  • To put halving the budget deficit into legislation
  • To widen the provision of free personal care for those in highest need
  • To legislate guarantees for pupils and parents to raise educational standards
  • To protect communities by making parents take responsibility for their children's behaviour
  • To amend the communications infrastructure to make it fit for the digital age
  • To support carbon capture and storage and help vulnerable households with energy bills
  • To protect communities from flooding and protect water supplies
  • To address the differences in pay between men and women
  • To ensure agency workers are treated equally
  • To take forward constitutional reform
  • To strengthen the law against bribery
  • To ban cluster munitions

She also announced two draft bills:

  • To reform the House of Lords and make it substantially or wholly elected
  • To legislate to make binding the commitment for 0.7% of government spending from 2013 to be on International Development
Jonathan Isaby


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