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William Hague: I wouldn't be surprised if Gordon Brown made Peter Mandelson an Archbishop!

In one of his best Commons performances William Hague spoke for the Conservatives in yesterday's dissolution debate.  He mocked the powers that Gordon Brown has showered on Peter Mandelson:

"The Lord Mandelson, denied the opportunity to become Foreign Secretary by the sad combination of a Prime Minister too weak to remove his Foreign Secretary and, equally, a Foreign Secretary too weak to challenge the Prime Minister, has gone around instead collecting titles and even whole Departments to add to his name. His title now adds up to, “The right hon. the Baron Mandelson of Foy in the county of Herefordshire and Hartlepool in the county of Durham, First Secretary of State, Lord President of the Privy Council and Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills”. It would be no surprise to wake up in the morning and find that he had become an archbishop—[Laughter]. That is exactly what happened with Cardinal Wolsey."

Watch William Hague's contribution in the video below:


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