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Six of the ten best value MEPs are Conservative

Former CentreRight contributor Dr Lee Rotherham of The TaxPayers' Alliance has rated MEPs according to these criteria:

  • Number of Parliamentary Questions asked (20%)
  • Campaigning activity (20%)
  • Expenses Transparency (20%)
  • Parliamentary voting record on key transparency, red tape, spending controls and anti-corruption legislation (40%)
  • Bonus marks were awarded for MEPs who opted out of the excessive second pension scheme and deducted for the 4 MEPs who have been involved in scandals involving financial irregularities.

His analysis produces a top ten that includes ten Tory MEPs:

Picture 13 Download a PDF of Dr Rotherham's Assessments.

> A week ago Open Europe published league tables for MEPs according to more narrow criteria of open-ness.


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