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When has Gordon Brown actually said "I am sorry"?

Gordon Brown Commons James Forsyth at Coffee House points out that if Gordon Brown doesn't say sorry for "Smear-gate" before the Commons returns next week, he risks it becoming a distraction at PMQs next Wednesday on Budget Day.

But even if it did get raised in the Commons, what are the chances of him saying sorry for what was happening in his Downing Street bunker?

By way of background, here's a run-down of the the last ten occasions on which the Prime Minister uttered the phrase "I am sorry" in the House of Commons.

28th January 2009:

"I am sorry that in the '80s the clean coal technology projects were abandoned..."

21st January 2009:

"I am sorry that the Conservatives do not want to understand economics."

14th January 2009:

"I am sorry that the Conservative party could not support the “New Opportunities” White Paper."

10th December 2008:

"I am sorry to have to teach the right hon. Gentleman [David Cameron] what an economy is about."

26th November 2008:

"I am sorry that I have to give him [David Cameron] an economic lecture every week."

12th November 2008:

"I am sorry that the right hon. Gentleman [David Cameron] does not recognise that we have taken action immediately..."

20th October 2008:

"...our determination to buy these shares is a result of the difficulties we face, and I am sorry to have to tell my hon. Friend the Member for Bolsover [Dennis Skinner] that it will be temporary."

22nd July 2008:

"The decisions that we made on the advice of the military commanders on the ground were the right decisions. I am sorry that the right hon. Gentleman [David Cameron] wishes to make political capital out of them..."

2nd July 2008:

"I am sorry to hear of reports today of yet another terrorist incident in Jerusalem."

14th May 2008:

"I am sorry if the hon. Gentleman [Elfyn Llwyd] did not receive the statement in advance..."

Jonathan Isaby


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