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Conservative MEPs illustrate the increasing burden of Brussels red tape under Labour

Red tape Timothy Kirkhope and a number of the Conservative MEPs have posed for this photo in order to highlight the increase in regulations emanating from Brussels, drawing on recent research by Open Europe (available here and here).

The think-tank found that 100,000 extra pages have been added to the EU's "Acquis Communautaire" since 1997 - so Mr Kirkhope and his colleagues sought to show just what that much paper looks like.

Mr Kirkhope said:

"The Labour government and Labour MEPs have allowed far too much extra regulation to be imposed on our charities, workers and businesses. If the Lisbon treaty comes into force, the number of rules will be even higher. That's why the British people must have the referendum they were promised by Gordon Brown.

"Entrepreneurs should be free to grow their businesses and people should be free to live their lives with as little interference from the EU as possible. Too many people feel the EU creates rules and regulations but that it is not on their side. It is time we looked at the EU's rulebook and asked what regulation we really need."

Jonathan Isaby


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