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Annabel Goldie reveals that the Prime Minister has not met Alex Salmond for the best part of a year

Annabel_goldieAt First Minister's Questions today Annabel Goldie, who leads the Conservatives in the Scottish Parliament, asked what contact Alex Salmond has had with Gordon Brown (an issue that David Mundell, the Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, raised yesterday).

It turns out that the Prime Minister and First Minister last met face-to-face in the House of Commons on 28 April 2008 (to discuss the strike at Grangemouth Oil Refinery).

Annabel Goldie - who is rightly appalled - has issued a press release:

"It beggars belief that the Prime Minister and the First Minister have never met to discuss ways of helping Scotland through Labour's recession.

Mr Salmond indicated at FMQs today that the last time he had any meeting with the Prime Minister was almost a year ago.

To make matters worse, Alex Salmond clearly attempted to blame Gordon Brown for blocking any face to face discussions. The First Minister stated that he was 'more than willing to meet the Prime Minister' but one wonders what he has done to facilitate such a get together. It takes two to tango.

Instead of picking fights with each other the Prime Minister and the First Minister should be working together to help Scotland weather Gordon Brown's economic storm. Surely the best interests of the nation should come before petty party politics?

If David Cameron becomes the next British Prime Minister he has vowed to work constructively with the First Minister of Scotland whichever party he or she may be from.”

David Mundell has also commented:

"During Scottish Questions at Westminster yesterday I asked the Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy when the Prime Minister and the First Minister had last met. Jim Murphy replied: 'I do not keep the Prime Minister's diary'.

I find it staggering that the Secretary of State for Scotland neither knows nor seems to care whether his boss is engaging with the First Minister of Scotland.

The British government and the Scottish Government must put aside petty differences and work together in the best interests of Scotland, especially during Labour's recession."


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