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Philip Bushill-Matthews criticises ECJ ruling on holiday rights for the long-term sick

Philip_bushillmatthewsThe European Court of Justice has ruled today that workers on long-term sick leave will continue to accrue holiday rights. Philip Bushill-Matthews, who speaks for Conservative MEPs on employment, finds the ruling unwelcome:

"On the face of it this may seem like a good move for employees, but at this present time there is a good chance that it will just add to Britain's already critical unemployment woes.

Employers are already struggling with vast layers of employment law and bureaucracy. This ruling will not only increase employers' costs, but also their bureaucratic nightmare. Small businesses who employ just one or two members of staff will be hit especially hard.

The real issue is not whether or not this is the right decision; it is whose decision it should be. It is a fundamental concern that such decisions about the rights of British workers cannot be made by British courts."

Actually the decisions themselves should be made by the UK Parliament, not by any judiciary.

Tom Greeves


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