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Do you have a Conservative story?

On ConservativeHome's Parliament page we aim to provide comprehensive reportage and analysis of Conservative Party activity in Westminster, the European Parliament, the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly. (On the local government page, Councillor Harry Phibbs does similar, sterling work in relation to local councils.)

In particular, we're interested in things that other media may have missed; an example would be a good speech by a backbench MP. We're also keen on how Parliamentary procedure might impact on the Opposition, and on Ten Minute Rule Bills and Early Day Motions. Basically if it affects the Conservative Party, we're eager to hear about it.

So this is a plea to Conservative MPs, MEPs, MSPs, AMs, their staff and anyone else who has such an item of interest. ConservativeHome enjoys a massive readership, and this is a great place to draw attention to something.

Please send all such parliamentary / assembly missives to Tom Greeves via [email protected].



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