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Conservative MEPS pleased with deal on car emissions

Martin_callananConservatives in the European Parliament have indicated their pleasure with a deal MEPs struck with the Council of Ministers on CO2 emissions from cars.

Legislation that will go before the European Parliament this month will now require carmakers to reduce emissions to 130g per KM between 2012 and 2015. The original proposal was that it should be by 2012. There will also be a long-term target of 95g by 2020.

There will be a clause for "niche manufacturers" like Jaguar-Land Rover, who will have to reduce their emissions by more than an average manufacturer, "but not by the crippling levels that would have been foreseen", according to the press release from Martin Callanan. There will be an exemption for LTI, who make the London black taxi cab.

Mr Callanan further commented:

"The deal we have struck represents the best of both worlds. We have shown that we can encourage car manufacturers to go green by including incentives for investment in clean technology, but without driving them out of business.

We have recognised that manufacturers cannot develop new cars and technologies overnight, particularly given the huge trials they face during the downturn.

It was particularly important that we put in place special conditions for Jaguar-Land Rover and Black cabs. These companies will still have to do more than most, but because of their niche model ranges, this law would have caused them severe problems.

We will now ask all sides to agree to this deal."


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