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Andy Burnham on the X Factor

Andy_burnhamPolitics is often compared, clumsily, to reality television. Shows like Big Brother and X Factor are claimed to capture people's interest more readily than MPs. And sometimes politicians can't resist the temptation to try to get a piece of the action. Culture Secretary Andy Burnham was so seduced today, during oral questions for Culture, Media and Sport.

In fairness, Mr Burnham was commenting in response to questions about the Russell Brand / Jonathan Ross affair. The BBC reports that he said MPs:

"should resist that temptation to comment on editorial matters. Although the temptation is great in my case, having seen the wonderful and talented Laura White very harshly voted off X Factor on Saturday."

Laura White lives in Mr Burnham's constituency - which is Leigh, in Greater Manchester. Perhaps the Culture Secretary could recommend her for a peerage instead.

Maybe people like their elected representatives to be up on popular culture. An alternative view is that it is somehow comforting if they are admirably ignorant of it!


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