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Dominic Grieve's post-2005 maiden speech set out his stall on the ECHR

Dominic_grieve In his first speech to Parliament after the 2005 election, Dominic Grieve MP - the newly-appointed Shadow Home Secretary - cited advocating the incorporation of the European Convention of Human Rights into British law as an example of an issue he was at variance with other Conservatives on:

"Perhaps I might give an example of where I suspect I might be at variance with some of the views of my colleagues on the Conservative Benches, but it is a variance that I have held for a long time. The incorporation of the European convention on human rights into our national law is something that, although challenging, is nevertheless desirable if it can be done without diminishing the sovereignty of Parliament. I believe that it can. I hope that I apply the same sorts of criteria to the proposals put forward today."

Read his full speech on Hansard here.


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