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Another sign of the Conservative Party's increasing suspicion of the climate change agenda

Only five Conservative MPs voted against yesterday's Climate Change Bill; Christopher Chope, Philip Davies, Peter Lilley, Andrew Tyrie and Ann Widdecombe but we can only count about 40 who voted in favour - many of them whips and the most of the remainder are frontbenchers.  The parliamentary party didn't have to turn out because it was only a one line whip.  The Chief Whip decided against a three line whip when it became clear that, if he did, he would face a sizeable rebellion from Climate Change Sceptics on the Tory benches.  We posted on Andrew Tyrie's case against the Bill earlier today.


  1. Ainsworth, Peter
  2. Amess, Mr. David
  3. Ancram, rh Mr. Michael
  4. Baldry, Tony
  5. Barker, Gregory
  6. Baron, Mr. John
  7. Blunt, Mr. Crispin
  8. Boswell, Mr. Tim
  9. Brazier, Mr. Julian
  10. Burns, Mr. Simon
  11. Burt, Alistair
  12. Clark, Greg
  13. Duddridge, James
  14. Dunne, Mr. Philip
  15. Evennett, Mr. David
  16. Green, Damian
  17. Greening, Justine
  18. Grieve, Mr. Dominic
  19. Gummer, rh Mr. John
  20. Hollobone, Mr. Philip
  21. Howard, rh Mr. Michael
  22. Lansley, Mr. Andrew
  23. Letwin, rh Mr. Oliver
  24. Lewis, Dr. Julian
  25. Lidington, Mr. David
  26. Loughton, Tim
  27. Mackay, rh Mr. Andrew
  28. Maclean, rh David
  29. Maude, rh Mr. Francis
  30. McLoughlin, rh Mr. Patrick
  31. Mundell, David
  32. Newmark, Mr. Brooks
  33. Pickles, Mr. Eric
  34. Robathan, Mr. Andrew
  35. Rosindell, Andrew
  36. Streeter, Mr. Gary
  37. Stuart, Ms Gisela
  38. Syms, Mr. Robert
  39. Vara, Mr. Shailesh
  40. Watkinson, Angela
  41. Yeo, Mr. Tim


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