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A selection of recent EDMs from Conservative MPs

Nigel Evans has got a straightforward one on the Lisbon Treaty:

"That this House notes the overwhelming rejection of the Lisbon constitutional treaty by the Irish electorate on 12th June 2008 in a referendum; and calls on the Government to cease ratification of the Lisbon constitutional treaty through the UK parliament."

True to form, Andrew Rosindell:

"notes with pride that the flags of all the nations of the Commonwealth are already displayed in and around Horse Guards Parade in preparation for this great occasion; and calls on the Government to ensure that the flags of all Her Majesty's Realms and Territories are also flown in time for the ceremony"

...and also notes:

"that this year marks the 26th anniversary of the Falkland Islands conflict... looks forward to many more years of the Union Flag flying proudly above Stanley and throughout the Islands."

Peter Bottomley pays tribute to tributes to sacrifices made by journalists:

"notes with approval the BBC commission by former Westminster political correspondent James Fenton of the poem Memorial remembering the bravery and self-sacrifice made by news journalists and their crews and of the sculpture Breathing by Jaume Plensa dedicated to news journalists killed on location; commends the work of www.newssafety.com and the International News Safety Institute dedicated to the safety of journalists and media staff."

David Jones calls on the Government to recognise the effort of former munitions workers:

"That this House acknowledges the contribution made by munitions workers to the defence of the United Kingdom in the Second World War... regrets that that contribution has never been formally recognised [by the Government]".

And finally John "Whitto" Whittingdale, Chairman of the CMS Select Committee:

"welcomes the proposal by the EU Commissioner for Internal Market and Services that copyright terms for sound recordings should be extended from the current 50 years to 95 years; notes that performers will be the main beneficiaries of an extension... and calls on the Government to give the proposal its full support at future meetings of the European Council."

David Cameron has one calling for the annulment of a Fire and Rescue Services law.


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