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Labour MPs campaign for boycott of Total Politics, magazine part-funded by Lord Ashcroft

Labour MPs really don't like Lord Ashcroft, do they?

Peter Kilfoyle MP has got a small group of Labour MPs to sign this EDM:

"That this House notes the impending launch of a purportedly politically neutral magazine called Total Politics; notes that it is fronted by Iain Dale, a failed Conservative parliamentary candidate; further notes that it is being run from Lord Ashcroft's address in Cowley Street and that it is fronted by Lord Ashcroft; and calls upon hon. and right hon. Members to reject the free copies which will be sent to them in the near future."

In reality Lord Ashcroft is only funding a small part of the magazine.  Iain Dale is the majority shareholder and is employing people from across the political spectrum to ensure editorial fairness.


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