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Julian Brazier quizzes Gordon Brown on Guantanamo Bay

Julian Brazier MP: Members in all parts of the House have expressed concern about the conditions in Guantanamo Bay, and most people are glad to see that it is at last winding down, but can the Prime Minister explain why he has just offered places in Britain to five people from Guantanamo Bay not one of whom is a British citizen, despite the fact that two of those people are wanted for the most serious terrorist charges in Spain?

The Prime Minister: Where people are wanted on arrest in Britain they will be arrested. Where people have to be returned to other countries, we will expedite that as soon as possible. As far as Guantanamo Bay is concerned, I think the whole house shares the view that he has: that we would like Guantanamo Bay to be closed as soon as possible, but where people have moved to our country, we will deal with them if there are offences for which they are to be prosecuted.


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