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tears of a clown

Boris Johnson's Mayoral cabinet:

The Mayor -- technically Boris Johnson but in fact Nick Boles in consultation with David Cameron.

Chair of the Metropolitan Police Authority -- Darius Guppy.

Chair of TfL -- someone who knows what their doing, so not Boris Johnson.

Chair of the LDA -- Stanley Johnson or Matthew d'Ancona, maybe both.

Adviser on Ethical Standards -- Conrad Black

Adviser on Diversity -- some picaninny

Er, that's it... isn't it time for lunch?

Tony Hannon

Please observe that this video does more harm to conservative ideology than it does good.

The scary hum at the end, the outlandish claims and the fake "Landaner's" accent have all the trademarks of gutter US attack ads and for importing that to our political conversation you should be truly ashamed.

I like ConHome for the incidence of good comment and occasional thoughtful reaction but crap like this video is one of the reasons people hate "the Nasty Party".

I don't intent to sound like a Troll but this is a pitch to the lowest of the lowest, most common, common denominator.


" pitch to the lowest of the lowest, most common, common denominator."

....exactly the type of person that would think voting ken is a good idea :)

If it was a back boris or conservative vid then I'd agree, but it's just a general anti-ken one so I don't really see a prob.


What is Tony going on about????

The ad targets Ken's lousy record on tax, crime and congestion and points to his links with nasty people.

Totally fair to me.

Tony Hannon

London LX - you'll see a problem when this type of video passes for normal political advertising.

You'll certainly see a problem when good administrations of either political colour are savaged by moronic advertising.

Crime has fallen by 5pc a year. Fact. There ARE 6,000 more police officers and police volunteers. Fact. Every ward has its own team of six patrolling. The murder rate is down from four years ago although the murder rate among teenagers is up considerably. These are facts but if someone has a complaint that more should be done - fair enough. If there's a complaint about the rise in violent crime then that's the point that should be made.

Margaret Thatcher spoke to the IRA in secret - she "had links" with Pinochet - would a hypothetical Labour ad like this treat her and context fairly?? Of course not.

Look - I don't want a kick around on who did what - this ad is moronic - it's for morons and it is poison to logical discourse. That's my point.

You may celebrate it now but wait until a Conservative administration, Government or Council does well only to have its perception destroyed by guttersnipe admakers and 527 style debate. You'll howl with indignation.

Incidentally - I don't like Labour attack ads either.

I'm not the LCD but I'm voting for Ken. On the whole, he's a better Mayor - plain and simple.


Even if ken is as good as he says he is, I don't think the means is worth the ends.

His regieme is too surrounded by clouds and his whole attitude forgets that people want to live their lives.
Examples are the bendy bus - he calculates that you can fit some absurd number of people on one. But all but the very few who get seats are travelling in any sort of comfort and to hell with the cyclists/motorcyclists etc on the outside.

Affordable housing.. he'd rather see lots and lots of very ugly houses on our green space that'll probably fall down in a few years 'cos it's too cheap, than to have nice houses and suggest that maybe people should rent, or not live in the centre of London.

Humanity is just not brought into question.. it's just statistics.

As such, I'm gonna vote for a human - once the storm passes!

Jon White

I wonder if Tony Hannon actually lives in London. I wonder if he has to pay the absurd levels of council tax that Ken's policies have cost. Ken is not a 'cheeky chappy'. He is anti-semetic (remember how he refused to apologize for the 'concentration camp guard 'quip' to a Jewish reporter), he is a supporter of terrorist organizations (having contact with the IRA like Lady T did is NOT the same as endorsing them as Ken has done by sharing a platform), and he is a spendthrift. Boris would not have been my first choice as Tory candidate, but anyone is better than the current incumbent. It amazes me how a clearly intelligent man such a Tony Hannon appears to be can even consider voting for this man.

Fred Baker

Do not knock Cuba. Castro and Che Guevara overthrew an unpopular Dictator with a popular revolution. Most Cubans seem to still support the revolution and the US embargo backfired as it took the blame for the poverty.
If Che Guevara were still around and stood for Mayor he would most probably win. We cannot complain of Freedom of Speech when we do not get it ourselves.
Cuba is so rich in resources that we (as the US is by the way) ought to be taking them onboard.

Jon White

Dear me, 'Most Cubans seem to still support the revolution'.

I think that the key word here is 'SEEM'. They're too scared to speak out against it, and thousands still try and flee this 'popular revolution' annually.

We will see how 'popular' the revolution is when Castro's clique finally all depart for the commune in the sky. It will be very like the last days of the USSR - as the 'old guard' went, new blood came in but could not hold the country together.

(And yes Batista was a brutal dictator. What replaced him was just as bad, if not worse)

Tony Hannon

I do Jon. I live in Woolwich.

Worse yet - I'm Irish and grew up where there's no such thing as council tax and I HATE handing it over so I choose very carefully. I'm not just towing the Labour Party line - I'm a democrat - it's City or Country first and Party second.

LondonLX has a valid point in that he personally doesn't believe what's right with Ken overcomes what's wrong with him. I just happen to disagree.

Ken is no more an apologist for mad clerics than Boris Johnson is a racist - yet both slanderous stories have polluted the campaign - it's clouded peoples' choice. I'm not happy about that at all.

The reason I'm voting for Ken (and I'm not trying to persuade anyone here) is that I find I know where I am with him. He admits there'll be works on the tube every weekend whereas the media trained spiv of nowaday says: "I think the important thing is...". We all know Lynton Crosby has himself a candidate by putting his hand over Boris' mouth - that's not right.

Ken's not perfect - Lord knows no politician is. Even though I'm "centre-left" I don't understand why a socialist Mayor needs a race adviser in the first place?

Nor did I like the way the Oyster card was forced on us but accepted, eventually, that if I were Mayor - I'd have adopted it.

Nevertheless, he's probably the only politician I know that went into two elections telling people he was going to introduce or raise a tax (Congestion) - modern politicos and their press people lie or delay the announcements. Note - nobody is promising to remove the congestion charge.

I like to know where I am with a politician - although far from perfect, Ken, more than most, fits that bill.

Not to mention crime is (on the whole) down bus numbers are vastly up, there are far fewer strikes, business groups back him, he got back some of the vast fortune London hands over to the rest of the country in the Olympic "con" and I trust him more than Johnson to deliver Crossrail (my flat in Woolwich could do with a price value shot in the arm over the next few years - we get two stations).

I don't personally warm to him but I think I'm supposed to vote for the guy who'll do better. I like Boris but likeability doesn't run cities - if it did, my grandmother would be Empress of the World!

I respect anyone who disagrees and I respect any reason but not if it's informed by this type of hackery (the video Jon - not what you said - although I'd challenge your two points).

Either way - London is my new home and I want to see it improved whoever wins.


hmm.. that seems to be the thing with ken voters.
"We know he's a lying, cheating, decieving git... but you know where you stand"
I guess that's what he was on about when he said that it's hard to get rid of the incumbent so there should be a limit of 2 terms (and why he's only going to stand for 1 as he was GLC leader before that)

Tony Hannon

Hang on - where did I say lying, cheating or decieving?


you didn't... I was just paraphrasing what many people have said.

I think I may have misread though... It was my understanding that he said he wasn't going to raise the congestion charge then did... and the olympic con is on us not the govt.
So I read it as you knew he lied about them, but excused it by saying all politicians do.
Sorry - I should read better before I post, it seems he's decieved you too!

Not Boris

I don't back Boris but I gave him my second preference. Why? Because he will screw up and help destroy Cameron's Blairite Project. Vote Clown and shaft Dave!

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