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David (One of many)

That second one should go in Boris's broadcasts. It's not just that they chuck a little girl out of the way, it's that they clearly go for her because she's a little girl. Instead of having the balls to push past all the adults, they actually zero in on the girl and try to make an example out of her by picking her up. Arseholes.


I can't honestly say that the second video reflects well on the person behind the camera instructing the little girl to follow him (if that is indeed what he meant).

Looks a bit like they were hoping something would happen to her, and it did, but using a child like that isn't something to be proud of.


Rob - If you listen carefully, the person behind the camera was directing someone who was dressed as Fidel Castro, and not the little girl.

It was all good fun, but the Labour supporters didn't really like us spoiling his love-in with the socialist Mayor of Paris.

Looks like we were fairly successful - note the placards in the background.



Evening Standard reports Conservative Party activists push a Grandmother and Green Party candidate..

That's going to help the cause.


I'm as much of a tory as the next man, but they dropped the girl, they didn't throw her. Then they helped her up. Plus they were pretty scrawny for 'minders'. Let's stick to policy eh?


I don't think this policy of ambushing Ken is going to work for us, to be honest. They'll just be spinning that we sent a bunch of hooray Henrys after him and sent a little girl to do the dirty work. I agree... let's win this on policy, not on this kind of thing.


You forgot the £6m Livingstone wastes on "The Londoner" aka "Pravda" - no-one reads this propaganda sheet


Nonsense, nobody knocked that girl to the ground. In the video that child unable to fulfil her wish to approach decided to do what all children do when restrained by adults, she sat herself on the ground so to use her body weight to free herself of the minders.

To pretend that it was anything else is the only evil I can see.

South East Londoner

Frankly it sums up everything that is wrong with Labour and Livingstone. Their arrogance resonates everywhere, and they simply can't believe that anyone would consider voting against him. Boris activists are right to attend events that Livingstone is at. The people need to be reminded of his record; not pathetic photoshoots with yet another foreign socialist politician. A friend of mine who lives near Angel and was at the shopping centre when Ken turned up told me that the Boris supporters arrived 5mins in, were respectful of Livingstone and his team, and were simply attacked by Labour supporters for daring to be there. This included the little girl in question. This is democracy; although Ken & Labour appear to be treating his Mayoral position as a dictatorship.

Mark Fulford

“Thugs throw 10 year old girl” is pathetic exaggeration that makes the Back Boris campaign look stupid.

Despite being harassed by a precocious 10 year old who tried to break their hand grip, the Labour supporter in black was remarkably sympathetic (more so than the cackling Back Boris woman).

Alex Deane

I loathe Ken & Co. But really - they didn't throw that girl and one looks silly if one suggests that they did.

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