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Kevin Davis

I tend to agree with the line that this is not interesting. It is what Ken has done to London that is important.

Paul Oakley

This is a job for Jeremy Kyle . . .

Derek Tomnay

I'm the daddy now! Or at Ken Livingstone is.

I hope all these people in Livingstone's team will remember when they referred to Steve Norris as Shagger.

Blue Ken

Norris, Boris and now Ken. Monogamy, fidelity and the Mayoralty appear to be incompatible.

Jill, London

How come this 'revelation' has been kept out of the public eye for so long?

As for using this against Comrade Livingstone, he has no scruples in making personal attacks against opponents - both directly, and using sockpuppets. Moreover, Comrade Livingstone appears to confine his own 'racist' remarks/attacks against Jews only [such as Oliver Finegold the "Evening Standard" reporter he likened to a concentration camp guard.] This really is a case of the proverbial biter bit.

Jennifer Wells

Of course this matters. Kids need fathers. Full-time fathers. Without them we have an epidemic of badly-raised kids.

Yet Another Anon

Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats all know that their candidates have skeletons in the closet and if Ken Livingstone's women and children become an issue in the campaign then Boris's past peccadillos would become an issue and then Brian Paddick - probably great news for the smaller parties if such bickering started, might even lead to UKIP or the English Democrats emerging as the main candidates, so I imagine the 3 main parties will all try and kill such stories.

Sam R

Are the CSA on the case?
What has Clegg to say about this?

Chips of Brookfield

"Full-time fathers" - Do I need to list the number of Conservative MPs with kids by more than one woman?


Livingstone, or his supporters in the media,have been happy to sneer at Shagger Norris and Bonking Boris. Any suggestions for Ken?
I'm sure the Sun will come up with something amusing tomorrow.

Ay Up

This news shows Livingstone to be irresponsible. I think character issues like this are as important as policy issues.

party activist

Boring. Next!

Jill, London

John - How about "Newt spawns five tadpoles"?

[BTW - I did check this out - before becoming a baby newt they go through a tadpole stage.]


I don't know the details but it smacks of selfishness that he didn't stick with either his first family or the second one.
What would his socially conservative Muslim base think?
This has got to completely nullify his recent bounce.
People may not mention these things on the doorstep but it forms their impression of candidates when they go to vote. Hence the hidden votes against Romney for being Mormon, Clinton for being a woman, and Obama being a man.

Conservative Homer

"he insisted voters had never taken an interest in his private life."

While to be fair, Ken is known for his dodgy politics rather than his dodgy private life, i cant help but think he would be the first to delight in any such revelation about a Tory Politician.

Although as a voter (albeit not a London one) this would concern me. People tend to be irresponsible or responsible, most (although some do!) dont suddenly change into different people gone 5pm. I want to know as much about those who we entrust with power as possible.

Labour supporter

I applaud Mr Cameron for refusing to comment on this story. Voters are fed up with politicians being hypocrites and trying to throw mud about issues that have nohting to do with the issues.

Chad Noble

How ironic, the root-master culled the routemasters! ;-)

Chad Noble

Apologies for that _ I've just rolled out (early) of the new For Your eyes Only - Quality London Venue!


Honestly, who cares?


Ken has spent a lot of time in Cuba (not reported in the UK). Just wondered if he had any others over there.

London Activist

The age of children 1 to three will be relevant. When Livingstone first stood for Brent East in 1987 Harriet Crawley, his Conservative opponent, was pregnant and would not name the father. Let us say that he benefitted from this revelation. Now if he had been in the same situation not once but three times....


'I tend to agree with the line that this is not interesting. It is what Ken has done to London that is important.'

Five times over, apparently.


Who cares? Nobody cares, as long as Livingstone supports his offspring. But I am heartily sick of paying through my taxes for the upkeep of other buggers’ sprogs, while mugginses like me, who stay with their families, pay in full till their children are well into their twenties.

gaffe prone

Oh, well, at least everyone will be ignoring Boris saying that his house costs "shedloads" of money... at a meeting organised by Shelter, the homeless charity.

Cardinal Sin

"This news shows Livingstone to be irresponsible. I think character issues like this are as important as policy issues."

Well then Ay Up, presumably Boris fails your character issues test as well, so who you gonna vote for?


Yet Another Anon said: "such bickering started, might even lead to UKIP or the English Democrats emerging as the main candidates"

LOL!!! I laughed so much I was almost sick.


The political point is-was taxpayers money spent on bringing up Livingstone's children.

Justin Hinchcliffe

Abnother non-story.


It is not a non-story if the taxpayer, rather than Red Ken, paid for the children's maintenance.

Jill, London

When Shelter, the homeless charity, asked the three main mayoral candidates the value of their properties – Paddick got confused. According to Channel Four: “When asked about his London home, Paddick told the hustings: "I bought it for £325,000". Nothing unusual in that you might think, unless you had read the Independent's property section from the previous week. The section featured an interview with Paddick, in which he talked about his riverside pad. "My home is a one-bedroom flat on Albert Embankment in Vauxhall... [sic] I've lived in this flat since September, and I paid £425,000 for it." Which leaves a £100,000 gap.”

Link: http://www.channel4.com/news/articles/politics/domestic_politics/factcheck+the+tale+of+paddicks+pad/1942447

And – for the record – Channel Four reported: “Ken Livingstone priced his pad at "around £400,000 to £500,000".”

homeless, London

It's not what Boris is talking about, it's the way he say it, isn't it "Jill."

Jill, London

The question from Shelter about the value of their homes was designed to embarrass all mayoral candidates. Comrade Livingstone, and Paddock gave guesstimates - and in Paddick’s case he dropped £100,000 from a previous recent response. Boris refused to give a figure. Whether you like the way Boris expressed himself is a matter of personal preference.

anthony scholefield

Obviously Livingstone will not be hurt with his Muslim base-they are all in favour of polygamy and regard Livingstone as half converted.
I bet you in a Sharia court that Livingstone has unloaded a lot of the costs of his children onto the taxpayer.

Jill, London

Anthony Scholefield's comments regarding Comrade Livingstone trying to rival the old woman who lived in a shoe - leads me to 'share' this Evening Standard article about a speeding case in Scotland - headlined: "Muslim is spared a speeding ban so he can drive between his two wives"

Link: http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/article-23474888-details/Muslim+is+spared+a+speeding+ban+so+he+can+drive+between+his+two+wives/article.do

Can anyone explain why these Muslims aren't prosecuted as bigamy is illegal in this country?

anthony scholefield

The Tories have dropped the ball completely on this.The incredible urge to be 'modern' with its mantra'its ok whether Livingstone has polygamous relationships or not' has meant they have overlooked the question. Is Livingstones lifestyle mean that much poorer taxpayers are having to pay for his Children while he gets away with it 'engaged with his childred' etc and a lot of soft soap from the media?
Are any of his mistresses claiming public money as lone parents while Livinstone avoids any payments?

Alfred of Wessex

On countless sink estates all over the constitutent 'countries' of this benighted island we have 'families' like those of of Sharon Matthews' 'mother', who spawned seven children by five different fathers. And the police are left to try (and fail) to pick up the pieces. If you don't believe me, just google 'inspector gadget blog'.

Yet it is 'a private matter' for Ken Leninslime to father five children by three women. Likewise Boris Johnson's repeated adultery (if a person cheats on their spouse, what trust can you have in anything they say?). And as for Paddick, I'll leave God to do the judging.

What difference is there between them?

Our society has sown the wind of sexual promiscuity since the mid-1960s, and is now reaping the whirlwind of an utterly broken, dysfunctional society made up of inadequately parented adult children incapable of the self-sacrifice needed to make a marriage work.

I am reluctantly coming to the conclusion that the muslim invasion of Western Europe is God's righteous judgement on 50 years of ever increasing immorality across this continent. While non-muslims are fornicating and sodomizing their way through their 20s and 30s childless, the muslims are marrying and procreating, urged on by their imams to produce 5 children per family, in order to complete their invasion by stealth. As prophesied by the late Hourari Boumédienne (then President of Algeria) in a speech to the UN in 1974:

"One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory."

It is a matter of simple demographics that in 50-100 years the bearded and burqa'd followers of the Religion of Peace(TM) will have a controlling influence on how our society is governed. Who can say that they will not have introduced the people of this country to the spectacle of regular public executions by having such people as Leninslime, Johnson and Paddick slowly choking their lives out from crane jibs to cries of 'Alahu Akbar!'.

tolerant tory

I see that Jill, Nasty is back...

Jill, London

Comrade Livingstone sockpuppet alert! This one is masquerading as "tolerant tory".

Ronan Point

Alfred of Wessex: well done for saying what needs to be said. You lose it about half way through - OTT - a bit this pointed observation below, I'd walk tall with you......

"Our society.........is now reaping the whirlwind of an utterly broken, dysfunctional society made up of inadequately parented adult children incapable of the self-sacrifice needed to make a marriage work. "

Boris on Newsnight - unfortunately he was exposed as an igmominious, spluttering, make it up as you go along, confused big picture, let alone sloppy don't bother with the detail, wouldn't call him the day after if he lost for expertise, embarrassment.

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