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"Backing Boris would almost certainly have resulted in her losing the Tory whip"

Losing the Labour whip Tim. It may have resulted in her gaining the Tory one ;)


Corrected Anthony! More haste, less speed and all that.

Yet Another Anon

Backing Boris would almost certainly have resulted in her losing the Labour whip.
I think it isn't a question of almost, she got in trouble for backing Rob McCartney in setting up the United Kingdom Unionist Party as a Socialist Unionist Party because Labour policy was against organising in Northern Ireland and the SDLP is affiliated to the Labour Party and takes the Labour whip, opposing an official Labour candidate though, especially for high office is another matter.

I can't see her defecting to the Conservatives, she might defect to the Northern Ireland Unionist Party, UUP, DUP or UKIP. However she seems to have been quite content to sit as a dissident backbencher for some time.

Idris Francis

Rubicon, being the name of a river, needs a capital letter R.

Kate Hoey is surely more in tune with UKIP than Cameron and his Europhile bosses

Yet Another Anon

It's not just the matter of the EU on which she opposes membership and David Cameron stands for a variety of "In Europe, but not run by Europe", she also opposes tuition fees, foundation hospitals, the War in Iraq and is strongly opposed to replacing Trident. She agrees with the government that they have been successful in lifting many out of families while she wants more to be achieved.

So far as I can see she has in common with David Cameron a desire to see a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, is a member of the Countryside Alliance and strongly against the ban on hunting with hounds and against the public smoking ban - is that really likely to be enough for her to decide to join the Conservative Party, in fact on issues other than the EU she is more in line with the Liberal Democrats.

I suspect that even if David Cameron was to offer her a cabinet position as perhaps Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport I doubt this would be enough to tempt her to join the Conservative Party, and as a Conservative MP she would probably carry on taking mostly the same lines, so what would the Conservative Party gain by her defecting, it probably wouldn't be long before those suggesting she defected would be demanding the removal of the whip from her even supposing she actually held the seat for the party. With a majority of 65 for Labour and with her already opposing most government policy where they have difficulties getting it through, her defection would actually make little difference to the government.


I sympathise we Hoey's position and she has been very scathing of Livingstone's running of the capital even asking the police to investigate the Jasper allegations.

I think Kate would be an asset to the Party for her critical thinking and her stance on speaking out for both the little and big injustices - ones that may not even affect Vauxhall. Wasn't it a Tory mantra that the Party should be the voice of those who don't have one?

Wasn't there talks about giving her a seat in Norfolk once?


Kate Hoey is my local MP and she is brilliant, you could not ask for a better constituency MP.

Richard Balfe

I have known Kate for over 20 years. She is a principled person who knows her own mind and has stood up to bullying by the Labour establishment. She is a credit to the House of Commons and maybe we should believe her reason for not attending.
As for joining the Conservatives if she wished to I for one would give her a warm welcome. We need more Kate Hoey┬┤s in politics.

Alex Swanson

she also opposes . . .

She is also the only MP to openly acknowledge the injustice and pointlessness of the 1997 handgun ban - something which I know senior Tory MPs understand but are too cowardly to admit in public.


If Kate has the whip removed/is deselected I can easier imagine her running as an independent rather than an alternative party. I'm sure the Conservative candidate could conveniently "forget" to enter his candidature before the deadline to help her out...

Gloy Plopwell

This poll shows the Lib Dems with stupendous momentum. I really think we can do it, Boris is a buffoon whos campaign is falling apart.

It reminds me of the pop song once upon a time I was falling in love, now I'm only falling apart.

Ken has upset too many people - if we can knock one of them out in round 1, then we're home and dry.

Max McFarlane

Do we really need a London Mayor or a Deputy P.M.?
Hoey seems an asset.


Max. ;-)

Yet Another Anon

I'm sure the Conservative candidate could conveniently "forget" to enter his candidature before the deadline to help her out...
Odd to focus on Kate Hoey and yet the Conservative Party continues to stand against Unionists in Ulster many of whom certainly are very much Socially Conservative and certainly have a lot more chance of being elected, on the other hand Kate Hoey is in favour of leaving the EU and of lifting the ban on fox hunting, but she is not in favour of cracking down on terrorism, restoring capital punishment or on downsizing government, so giving her a safe Conservative seat would probably give Gordon Brown something to chuckle over as someone loyal to him could be put in Vauxhall and in a safe Conservative seat a Labour dissident who nevertheless was sympathetic to Labour could be waiting like a sleeper cell to emerge and back Labour in its hour of need on some issue at an important point in the future.

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