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Sophie Fernandes

Sleek, smooth and grown up - all the things Boris is accused of not being. Brilliant video to counteract the criticisms. Dare I say that the Boris team really are pulling it out of the bag at the moment??


Great video, more interesting than the b&w one.

Edison Smith

This is splendid. Top stuff.


Much better than the first one although a tad too long...


Brilliant video! Go Boris!

Cllr David Sammels

Brilliant video - very impressed!

Anthony Broderick

Good stuff


This is a top video Boris... go flog Ken for all Londoners

anthony scholefield

Michael White hints to day in the Guardian what is being picked up on the groundthat there is now a likelihood of a big BNP vote in the London elections. This is coupled with the Muslim extremists trying to turn out the vote for LIvingstone.
Shades oif Northern Ireland where the failures of the entrenched politics led to the extremists taking control.
Personally I expect Johnson to benefit from a swing to the Tories bvut Livingstones vote may hold up surprisingly well in inner London.Finally will the BNP beat the Lib Dems who seem to be in freefall and irrelevant?

Mark Riley

nice work - good mix of credibility and emotive call to action. I think a tingle went down my spine :-)


Much better than the 1st one - Great work, should do well!

David Jones

I liked it a lot - only wish our other election broadcasts were as enthused!

Oscar Miller

Really inspirational. Allows the real Boris to come through. Very effective.

tory x

Gently and gracefully glides past the inexperience issue. Well done.

Richard Patient


Thomas Jackson

I expect to be bored by election broadcasts and this grabbed me from start to finish. It's beautifully made. Really shrewd politics. And the team must have put loads of time and effort into it.
I am genuinely impressed.

Cllr Adam Tugwell

Clear; precise; just what many of us thought quietly that Boris was capable of when needed. Even the hair looks almost under control... GO GET 'IM BORIS!!!


No mention of his expensive new Routemasters? Another gimmick bites the dust!

Kathleen Golds

Er, it looks a bit like Livingstone's first one?

James Turner

It doesn't address the issue on the minds of people in all parties: his overall level of competence, or as Jeremy Paxman put it rather more rudely: "No one has ever accused you of being competent, have they?"

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