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London Tory

Jonathan Freedland has also emerged in recent weeks as King Newt's biggest stooge in the national press, albeit for a minor circulation paper. He has resorted to re-heating tired old quotes, taken out of context, about water melons and monkeys, no doubt e mailed to his Guardian Ivory Tower direct from City Hall. The justification being that King Newt believes in something called "progressive politics", the definition of which must include supporting terrorist organisations like Hamas and Sinn Fein, and obnoxious left wing pariahs like Castro and Chavez. And being able to accuse Jewish reporters of behaving like Nazi concentration camp guards.

You can judge King Newt by the quality of the journalists who are supporting him.

James Carter

Boris Johnson is sorry about what he wrote and what he published in reference to the phrases Freedland and others have discussed, and those of Taki who said that "blacks have lower IQs," in an article published by Boris Johnson while editor of the Spectator (see link to the Evening Standard story below). Strange that some of his supporters don't appear to feel the same way about all this. Perhaps they missed his apology in The New Nation?



Has Ken pulled out because of revelations apparently due on BBC1 at 6.30 about his private life?

Sophia the Monarchist

After visiting towns in France and Spain in recent years I have noticed how smart they look compared with Labour controlled areas of London. I would like to see a visionary statement from Boris saying how he would like London architecture to progress in the suburbs.
Places like Walthamstow, Finsbury Park among others has suffered long under Labour misrule. All require a major uplift- some sort of demolish and rebuild program perhaps.
Liverpool Station area is starting to look really good. It would be pleasant to see this architecture reflected in some of the suburban line stations.

Jill, London

Don't be so coy "sjm" - this is the latest revelation about Comrade Livingstone - from "The Times": "Ken Livingstone tonight revealed he has five children by three different women in an attempt to spike tabloid reports about his private life."


Ollie Davies

After criticising Boris for having no clear policies and saying that the Conservative party are scared to let Boris off the leash, i would have thought a debate would be the perfect opportunity for Ken to outline his policies and show us all why we should trust and re-elect him. If he carries on like this, Boris will not have to say anything and Livingstone will continue to destroy the image he is so determined to portray.

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