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Nice to see you've covered the Newsnight debate in a 'fair and balanced' way editor.

What's that? No mention of the catastrophic performance put in by your man Johnson?

My favourite part of the evening was when Johnson refused to answer the question on funding for his bizarre Routemaster plans. It was like Michael Howard all over again!


Johnson did answer the question on Routemaster plans. He said - I paraphrase - 'Ken says he's going to develop a fleet of hybrid busses. I'll take that money, however much it is, and use it for Routemasters.'

Completely fair, completely clear. Pretending otherwise is just pathetic.


Rubbish Charlie.

Watch this and tell me he answered the question:


Will Stobart

Unfortunately I have to agree with the accursed leftie on this, Boris messed that performance up quite badly. Let's hope he does better on question time next week.


he could have been clearer on the price point, but he couldn't have said anything else - otherwise ken would make some other price up to say his busses we're cheaper or cost much more etc.

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