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Stewart Geddes

Gordon Brown spoke at length of a Government of all the talents. Now, let's see if he means that. Or if he is only interested in advancing the Labour Party at everyone else's expense....

Faceless Bureaucrat

Let's hope she doesn't get cold feet again...

Jennifer Wells

Great Kate!

Welcome to the Conservatives!!

Craig Barrett

Whilst it'd be great to see a defection, the glorious Kate is much more use as a fighter within the Labour Party.


It will be interesting to she if she is punished by the PLP, but it's worth remembering that Livingstone said he wants to do give Boris a job if he wins. So if it's ok for him to offer a job to Conservative MPs, vice versa should be fine also.


Well done Boris! Brilliant Move!


I have long admired Kate Hoey as she is not afraid to speak her mind.

Paul Oakley

Good to have her on board, albeit in an advisory capacity. It is to be hoped that there will be no repercussions directed at her by her party. Labour should remember that we have loaned them the talents of Patrick Mercer and John Bercow. The question of which party has got the best of the bargain is of course open to discussion. . .

Double Standards

Labour was happy to recruit Conservative MPs as advisers. Kate Hoey is in the same position as Patrick Mercer and John Bercow. They did not lose the Whip even though posters on this site called for it. This is a brave, but perhaps foolish, decision by Kate Hoey. Gordo is not as tolerant as Dave.


Well done Kate, you will be able to put your talents to good use and help the many children with sporting projects involved with the Olympics. Your experience in this field is invaluable and well done to Boris for bringing onboard a lady of integrity and honesty.


If she does cross the floor, she'll be welcomed with open arms, she has always been a principled and outspoken politician.


We should not treat this as crossing the floor, but as "big tent". If the PLP throws her out it will just then show their hyprocrisy re Mercer/Bercow etc.

It has already been debated on here more than once that Kate, whilst admired by many Conservatives, would not fit easily with the policy package of any party - so not a natural defector. However, if after further bullying she stands down at the next General Election an endorsement during the campaign might be a possibility...

Good move by Boris. Pity it's too late to get leaflets out in her Vauxhall constituency pointing out her involvement - but I suppose it's better for her with the Labour Party that we don't have time for that. I just hope that the terms of any interviews she now does do not hurt any bystanders. I guess she will just keep quiet until after Thursday, other than confirming her agreement to the appointment if Boris wins.

Mark Fulford

I rather hope Gay Gordon is foolish enough to throw her out. His petulance works in our favour.

Patrick Ratnaraja

Welcome to the Conservatives Kate. We will find you a safe seat.

Steve R

"Welcome to the Conservatives Kate. We will find you a safe seat."

I suspect she might find comments like that unhelpful.

I think it's better she remains a Labour MP while helping a Tory administration. She can then remain a woman of principle. She's been a Labour MP for a while, so I'm guessing she's do die hard Tory at heart, despite being supportive of some of the issues we support.

I like Kate for her principle. I don't want to see her jump ship just to advance her career.

Max McFarlane





I wrote earlier: "I just hope that the terms of any interviews she now does do not hurt any bystanders."

As I slightly feared, Kate's comments on the BBC website include some disagreement about exactly what she has committed to. He says she will be a "non-executive director". She says "I will not be joining his administration" but advising. I hope that this initially helpful story does not unravel too much, although one fully understands the dynamic whereby Kate wants to keep the Labour whip and Boris might want to "big it up". ("Advice" and "non-executive director" might not in practice be too different.)

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