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Cleethorpes Rock

How about £100,000 a year wasted on Lee Jasper?

Add to that the grants and pork-barrel money that has disappeared into the ether thanks to this waste of skin, Jasper.


And nary a specific from Boris on which jobs he'll do away with for good.


I lol'd at the pravda line.... I once complained to the mayor about that newspaper as the headline story was about saving the environment - and they printed out millions of newspapers to say that!
the irony was lost and I just got a standard reply saying "the Londoner is produced to provide public information about the range of services provided by the GLA Group. These include transport, policing, activities supporting economic development and tourism. Providing relevant and up-to-date information is key to helping to ensure that all Londoners have equal access to the range of services and opportunities London offers."

If it was purely informative then why is it written in a biased newspaper style?
Particularly annoying was the time the front page headline for 2 months running was about reducing bus prices by 10% when they'd gone up by 20% a few months earlier (without a mention!)

Conservative Homer

As you say, If anyone needs them, Ken needs them.

Phil Taylor


3 months running, see:



Boris needs them too - still operating without a press team. Crosby strategy may be low key but Boris needs to rebut Ken and get his policies across.


How about the money wasted on the absurd "Clash of Civilisations" Conference in January 2007? It required hiring the QE Conference Centre for a Saturday; catering; flying Daniel Pipes over from the US and putting him in a hotel. It must have cost at least £50,000.

Cleethorpes Rock

Not to mention the carbon footprint!!

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