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The present Mayor is a gross embarrassment to Londoners. He runs things like a typical champagne socialist. His lack of control on budgets is absymal. He is a 'jobsworth' Labour politician scrounging for every penny he can get away with. He and his croanies should be thrown out.They have lost their integrity, lost credibility and lost their way.Roll on May 1st.

Anne Murphy

Wot...no mention of the most cringe-making thing he has done since hobnobbing with the odious Qaradawi - viz they way he conspired (with others) to humiliate Londoners with yesterday's humiliating farce involving burning torches and Chinese bovver boys in search of a bit of positive PR for their police state?

G U (GivenUp)

One thing Red Ken Leninslime hasn't failed on, is being an odious old Trot.

Jill, London

Without having checked the full version on PDF - I'd like to add:
Failed to stand for two terms only.

And now the "clapped out old Trot" [to use the words of a well-known journalist/broadcaster] is threatening to stand for a fourth term [according to reports about BBC Radio 4's "World at One"] if re-elected.

Comrade Livingstone is all that's odious about the Left. Nasty, bullying, arrogant, with drunken sailor spending habits using taxpayers' money - and cosying up to Lefty dictators [Castro], and wannabe dictators [Chavez].

It's time to call "time" on this literal NightMayor of London who thinks it's his 'divine right' to rule.


Ken needs to go, he himself said "corruption tends to flourish the longer an incumbent us able to hold on to power".

One thing he got absolutely right then.

Mark Turner

Jill, London, is hilarious! Where does Boris find these people? The Bertie Wooster Finishing School for Girls? The Kensington and Chelsea point-to-point? The Henley Regatta? Or is it just a nice way of saying thank you for daddy's cheque made out to the campaign? Please tell us it's not anywhere as boring as Central Office.

The "Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation," "Comrade Livingstone," "Lefties are fond of selective, out-of-context quotes"--unlike everyone else, of course! It's beyond parody. If only Boris would talk like this on the campaign trail! It would do wonders for getting the vote out among the over 95s.


Failed to use protection too.

Jason Carter

"It would do wonders for getting the vote out among the over 95s."

I think that is unfair. Not sure if he can vote but, for example, the Duke of Edinburgh is 86.

Jill, London

Comrade Livingstone’s sockpuppets are sour and sarcastic. They must find this whole website “beyond parody” [to use “Mark Turner”’s words] as the latest London Mayor story is headlined: “Sorry comrade...”

As for using the term “Comrade”, I would suggest these curmudgeonly class warriors acquaint themselves with current editions of “Private Eye” to see how the Left are lampooned.

Richmond Tory

"Jill, London, is hilarious!"

Except that I have the sinking feeling that she is paid out of our membership dues. :(

Jill, London

"Richmond Tory" doesn't sound like one to me. More like yet another Comrade Livingstone sockpuppet who's welded to this website.


Don't know about any of this beef above, but I'm certainly angry about Paxman's clear partisanship during the hustings tonight; it's not goo enough to keep shutting up Boris and down talking him whilst allowing others to whitter as they please!

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