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David Boothroyd

How very different from the Conservative candidate for Mayor who insults whole cities and countries, and agrees to supply the addresses of journalists so his friend can get someone to beat them up (something he sees nothing wrong with).

Sammy Finn

There is something venomous about Ken Livingstone that needs to be exposed.

He is a master of the politics of personal destruction.

Derek Tomnay

Back in 2002 Red Ken organised a public services conference on London he was asked by the GLA why no Conservatives had been invited to the conference to speak about public services.

Ken of course said Conservatives only wanted to run public services down. Name one Conservative who had improved public services in London demanded Ken.

GLA Conservatives responded in unison "Eddie Lister"

Ken responded "oh you mean the Pol Pot of Wandsworth"


Do you have a source for that Derek?

We'll need sources for everything we use.

Like this?



Congrats LikeThis?, over a hundred views!


Thanks LikeThis; have added your video to the Mayoral section of PlayPolitical.

I hate Ken

You need to cover the nasty way he got Reg Freeeson deselected as MP for Brent; and the way he took over as Leader of the GLC; and all his antisemitic comments over the years. He called both Peter Tatchell and Professor Geoffrey Alderman Islamophobes. Contact them.


The Steve Bell cartoons for 7,8 9 10 April are offensive to Jews, Boris and the Evening Standard. How the "left" hates it when the masses threaten not to do what they are told is best for them.

Judge Elvis

Definitely need to include this




Need to include this


David Boothroyd's comment, because it is so prominent at the top of the thread, again needs to be refuted. In this something like 17 year old story, according to him Boris

"agrees to supply the addresses of journalists so his friend can get someone to beat them up (something he sees nothing wrong with)"

It is not contested by Boris's worst enemy that HE DID NOT SUPPLY THE ADDRESS OF THE (ONE) JOURNALIST THAT WAS BEING SOUGHT FROM HIM (by Darius Guppy, a friend up to that time that the record shows he never again had any contact with). I wonder why no address and no further contact? Presumably because he did NOT see "nothing wrong with it". Read Boris's biography.

It shows something about the weakness of Livingstone's credentials that his supporters wield out this boring old canard again, and again, and again.

Livingstone of course insulted THE MAJORITY of his own London constituents in just those statements after 7/7 that he is so proud of. "This was an attack on working class Londoners". It was an attack on all Londoners, including the middle class majority. Livingston cannot even make a statement about a tragedy like that without wheeling out his class obsessions for all to see.

Please repeat after me: we want a Mayor who does not regard himself at (class) war with the majority of the people who live and work in London.

Can you get a video or recording of the statement I am referring to? You only have to listen to it to appreciate its inappropriateness. Do not let him get away with asserting that his response to 7/7 did this City proud. Furthermore, he then compounded this by propping up Ian Blair when his police shot an innocent man (but then Brazilians in London aren't a minority with lots of votes to harvest are they? Many of them may even be middle class, so that's OK then)

Maria Callas

"Londoner" is out of touch.

After receiving that phone call from convicted fraudster Darius Guppy, and being informed of his conspiracy to have someone assaulted, Boris Johnson did not call the police. This is not disputed by anyone.

And now he says he is fit to be Mayor and Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Authority? It's an absolute disgrace.

Beyond Our Ken In 20 Days

Livingstone has been upsetting London's Jewish community for 30 years. Good riddance.


An excellent idea.... as long as it's not promoted as a 'Back Boris' thing - I think he needs to stay out of the personal attacks; make ken look like the bad guy he is!

Not sure of many quotes - I always remember how he said he would steal any good policies that John Bird would have and put them into pratcice before the election.
Wasn't a particularly bad thing but was just typical of his character.. so much so, the news didn't even make comment about that.

You could compare to hitler... He's a socialist who's not keen on jews and is at least friends with vegetarians (the "green" party). But like I said on my site- hitler helped get people around by creating autobahns.... and that might also end up with a video that's offensive to many if not done carefully!

My video editing skills aren't up to creating something professional looking though, sorry - I like star-wipes too much :)

James Burdett

Personally just get a few clips of Qaradawi, Chavez and any other of Ken's dubious friends splice them in with Ken saying something warm about them and then have a voice over along the lines of 'You can certainly judge this man by the company he keeps'

Beyond our Ken

NO - stay away from any Third Reich stuff! It will blow up in your face. Leave that to them and let it blow up in THEIR face:


(see the Steve Bell cartoons for 7,8 9, 10 April)


what is that steve bell guy on?!
Yeah, I realised after I posted that it was probably a bit of a silly suggestion.. but I've met many people that think the conservatives are related to nazis - Until I tell them that it stands for National Socialism and they shut up. Personally I think it's all in the past but I think conservatives are losing votes 'cos of the association - which that steve bell seems to perpetuate.

oh.. and as much as I liked the 'like this?' one.. it's a bit dull.
Need something that people won't get bored of half way through if they aren't concentrating properly.


"Maria Callas": yeah, but, over and beyond Boris not helping him, no-one ever WAS assaulted where they? So it was more a stupid fastasy than a conspiracy, and that's probably how Boris judged it.


Check out Playpolitical.com and Dizzy thinks for video "Progressives for Ken".

Maria Callas

"more a stupid fastasy than a conspiracy," legally, no, and from a convicted criminal, so not exactly to be taken lightly.

Read the transcripts of the phone conversations which Boris Johnson chose not to mention until they were published in the Mail. The proposed violence plainly alarms him.

Jill, London

Londoner is quite right about refuting the ancient Darius Guppy story - and I'd like to add to that.

Boris didn't supply the journalist's address - and the explanation is here:

This was even discussed on Have I Got News For You - link:

And the pertinent part is: "During his first appearance on the show, way back in 1998, Boris was ridiculed for his involvement with conman Darius Guppy, who tried to divine from Boris the address of a journalist who was investigating him. Boris did not provide this information (indeed, he could not find it)".

Considering the Left keep harping on about Boris' appearances on HIGNFY it's amazing they missed this.

Moreover, on Comrade Livingstone as a continual class warrior - I hadn't realised he's only singled out "the working class" in his statement on 7/7.


a grown up

By the way that link is to another associate of convicted fraudster Guppy's who then bugged his house and telephone. Is that legal do you think?

It's "ancient," i.e. 1993, so obviously of no importance when it comes to the law or the difference between right and wrong then.

Oh, and "Have I Got News for You," is now, what, the idiot comic person's news programme of record? What a lot of nonsense. The phone conversations were bugged, obtained by the Daily Mail, clearly establishing the nature of the conspiracy which Guppy was trying to involve Boris Johnson. No one is suggesting that he helped Guppy. But it is a matter of record that Boris did not then involve the police.

And, of course, it doesn't matter because Livingstone is obsessed with outdated ideas about class. What a very good reason for not alerting the police to this criminal conspiracy and attempt to involve him in it. Some wierd and innapropriate comment of Livingstone's uttered some 15 years later!

These arguments are pathetic but they actually make me feel sorry that someone would go to the trouble of creating such meaningless besides-the-point nonsense.

Mash, Tory

I am unsure whether Boris Johnson did explicitly insult Islam and Muslims, if he did so, I disagree with his opinion as a British Muslim Conservative. However, I do truly acknowledge with the appropriate structure supporting him, Boris will be able to deliver to Londoners.

Beyond Our Ken in 20 Days: You are absolutely correct to assert that Ken Livingstone has been offending Jewish communities, particularly on matters concerning Israel. However, that is certainly no grounds to insult or denigrate British Muslims and their holy book.

Jill, London

I think "a grown up" - or should that be "groan" up - is wrong. The inference - which Comrade Livingstone's sockpuppets keep harping on about - is Boris did aid Guppy - otherwise why keep dredging this up.

It's the Left who keep use "meaningless beside-the-point nonsense".

Derek Tomnay

Apologies I didn't come back quicker on the source. Ken Livingstone said Eddie Lister was the Pol Pot of Wandsworth during a Mayor's question time. I'm sure this was recorded. I'm sure also the Conservative GLA members remeber it as well as Cllr Lister!

Jill, London

“Mash, Tory” is obviously unaware that Comrade Livingstone refused to apologise for insulting a Jewish reporter – despite being asked to do so by the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

a grown up


Boris Johnson said: "Islam is the problem." He wrote that sentence in a Spectator article following the 7/7 national tragedy.

Jill, London:

Boris Johnson should have called the police after that conversation. Even the most childish of his defenders here knows that. He didn't. God knows why Livingstone or Paddick, or Paxman for that matter, haven't asked him why yet, but it is a question that he should answer as an MP and Mayoral candidate, never mind someone who believes he could and should do the job of Mayor and chair the Metropolitan Police Authority.

Jill, London

Why does groan up not concern themselves with the incumbent Mayor of London? What about the huge amounts of money from the LDA that were - in effect - squandered as some companies went bust immediately.

This smacks of double-standards from a Comrade Livingstone sockpuppet.

a grown up

Actually, Jill, I think the LDA needs to be thoroughly reviewed, and while businesses and other organizations will and do fail, including those that receive assistance, I'm not happy with the checks and balances that have been in place to date. I think the Lee Jasper business made it clear that they have not been sufficient. The Mayor must of course take responsibility for that.

But when you say double standards you are admitting that Boris Johnson did something wrong, and something especially inappropriate for someone who claims he is fit to be Mayor and to chair the MPA.

These issues matter whomsoever one chooses to support but for the record I have never voted for or supported Ken Livingstone for Mayor and believe that the choice of candidates available, which inevitably in this election boils down to just two people, is extremely disappointing.

Jill, London

Boris didn’t commit a crime. As groan up – and the Left - won’t leave this Boris story alone – here’s more information - Link: http://devilskitchen.me.uk/2007/07/boris-darius-thugs-and-journo.html

The thread starts with a piece by Guardian writer Polly Toynbee – and continues:

“Free Born John, a man who has had fascinating dealings with Guppy now puts the record straight (since it was the tapes that John made which Polly refers to). [Emphasis mine.]

“Less funny is the possibility that this episode could unjustly affect Johnson's candidacy for Mayor of London. I don't especially support Johnson, though I loathe Livingstone, but I'd like to see a fair contest. So let me just explain Johnson's role, as far as I can make it out from the tapes I made at the time.

“He didn't know the heavies were planning to rip Guppy off. It must have seemed a serious plot. Guppy made it clear that he could try other means of finding the journalist's address. Johnson assured him he didn't have to - and did absolutely nothing at all to find it himself. I actually had that confirmed by Clive Goodman, the now disgraced formed News of the World royal correspondent who listened to the tape. Johnson said he would approach a specific third party. He specifically didn't. The only conclusion I can draw is that he was trying to make sure Guppy didn't manage to have the man attacked. Rather, he was stalling, waiting for Guppy's attention span to expire - a safe bet for those who knew him well.

“I have to admit, grudgingly, that it is to Johnson's credit that he stood by his friend during his subsequent trial and conviction. I'd have prefered it otherwise, for personal reasons, but Johnson didn't abandon his childhood friend when it would have been convenient. I'm not aware he subsequently had much to do with him, but he wouldn't join in the pecking party.

“Perhaps it would be more accurate to say Johnson took the approach "never explain, never apologise". The full quote is: "Boldness has genius, power and magic in it... Never contradict. Never explain. Never apologise".”

a grown up

Er, Jill, (12?), some source for Boris's "credibility" and sense of civic responsibility you have there. I'm not saying he commited a crime here. I'm saying he should have called the police about it. Why don't you quote the other paragraphs from the person who you quote above (btw, "he" refers to Darius Guppy below)?

"So he had a plan. A cunning plan.

"He would be robbed, in New York where a small robbery would pass almost unnoticed. This was pre-Giuliani and there was a lot of crime in Gotham City. And we were only talking about thousands. Nada.

"So I agreed. For £10,000 I flew to N.Y., went down to Philadelphia where I had a connection, bought a gun, drove back to N.Y., went to Guppy's hotel room, tied up him and his partner, Benedict Marsh, fired a shot into the bed to make it look real, and left. I drove upstate and threw the gun into a lake, then flew back a day later... To be met by my girlfriend, who was holding a press cutting. There had been a £1.2 million pound robbery in New York..."

Oh, and whoever suggested "Jill" was working for Boris, I think we can probably strike that theory off the list now! I mean, he can't be THAT useless, can he?

Jill, London

How interesting that groan up keeps insisting that Boris’s crime is not to have phoned the police. Apart from the fact Boris didn't supply the address which was a prerequisite – groan up who tries to belittle me by suggesting I am a child – doesn't understand the law of the land. Unless it is covered by the Law of Tort – which this isn’t – words alone aren’t a crime. That is to say, a crime isn't committed when somebody says they are going to do something. If this was the case terrorists would be so easy to catch.

And groan up why don't you post on Labour Home and anti-Boris sites then everybody would agree with you.


Thank you for Jill for the link to Livingstone's full statement from the Far East on 7/7. I have to admit that quite a lot of it is rather fine - about people coming from here from all over the world to be themselves etc.

It makes it all the greater pity that Livingstone's class war background led him to include the only bit that I remember, because it jarred with me so much at the time (and I think was probably the bit that the news bulletins kept playing that day). This was:

"This was not a terrorist attack against the mighty and the powerful. It was not aimed at Presidents or Prime Ministers. It was aimed at ordinary, working-class Londoners, black and white, Muslim and Christian, Hindu and Jew, young and old."

If (a) Livingstone had not been a fellow traveller with perpetrators of the attack "against the mighty and powerful" at the 1984 Conservative Party Conference (and others such as outside Harrods etc) and (b) he had left out "working class", it would have all been rather fine. But the combination of (a) and the use of (b) genuinely nauseated me at the time. No doubt the IRA's greater understanding of the nuances of the English class/power system make their semi-retired officers (McGuinness etc) much more sympathetic terrorists to Ken than the recent sort. Whereas Boris would be equally concerned at a bomb anywhere in London, whatever the mix of victims (which of course were not all "working class" on 7/7).

I agree it's not got anything to do with the Guppy affair except this: to me, the fact that a Mayor is so deeply antipathetic with more than half his electorate (the middle class) that even when he is trying to be his most serious, unifying and grave, he cannot stop himself showing this, is a disqualification for the role. Whereas the fact that someone failed to report a friend to the police (when they were a journalist and a private citizen, not a politician or public official) for talking about a possible crime which had not taken place (and which he probably believed wouldn't take place without his help - which he failed to give) is certainly not. When it happened is only relevant in terms of the position Boris held at the time - as you can see by my long memories of Livingstone's spots back to the 1980s, I agree that mere effluxion of time does not let one off the hook.

At the end of the day, Livingstone is a nasty character, always has been, and Boris is not. End of story.

a grown up

"words alone aren’t a crime" oh yes they are when they are a criminal conspiracy.

I notice no comment about the odious person from whom you quoted as a "respectable" source.

Jill, London

Why are Comrade Livingstone sockpuppets welded to this website. Time for them to be surgically removed.


Jill - as I said on an earlier thread, compare the numbers of trolls here with the number on Labour Home - and then tell me who is most worried about losing the election.

Jill, London

Jonathan – just checked out Labour Home and I see what you mean. What also struck me was how vociferous the Comrade Livingstone sockpuppets who post here are compared to the anti-Boris comments on Labour Home – although they share the same vocabulary/phrases.

Londoner – I completely agree with you. And it’s a mystery how Comrade Livingstone decided the 7/7 bombers were only targeting the “working class”. Yet, if I remember correctly, the public posters [paid for by us, the London taxpayer] in the wake of these bombings mentioned that Londoners were united. Presumably they didn’t dare state that only the “working class” was united - in Comrade Livingstone’s eyes. And yes, Boris isn’t nasty whilst Comrade Livingstone is the living embodiment of nastiness.


Everyone who thinks Boris is not up to the job of Mayor is a supporter of "Comrade Livingstone" (see General Strike, 1926, for an explanation of this antique reference). LOL. I am sure it will come as a big surprise to members of the Shadow Cabinet and others in the party to learn of their true allegiance. They don't see and I don't see why people who don't rate Boris should have to take the extreme and to me unwelcome step that Dirk Hazell did:


Jill, London

For the information of Comrade Livingstone sockpuppets - as I’ve pointed out before – check out current editions of “Private Eye” to see the Left lampooned as Comrades.

For those former Conservatives who dislike Boris I am amazed they can’t see how they are handing an ‘own goal’ to the opposition. Even the Left have learnt to be united in public. And don’t act surprised that current Conservatives are unhappy with this behaviour, and challenge anti-Boris statements.


Of course, Jill, London, but you missed Boris Johnson's plan for London, revealed to The Sunday Times by himself:

"You wanted my first three things I’d do in office. Um, er, accountability – I’d put all expenditure on the net. Er, two, police on the buses. Three: scrap The Londoner newspaper and plant trees all over London. Er, stop paying anarchist and communist collectives and all that rot, and then wi-fi – wi-fi everywhere, I’ll wi-fi, wi-fi everything.”

Very impressive, as usual.


Backing Boris

Private Eye 21/3/08

AT CHRISTMAS, political commentators assumed Ken Livingstone was a shoo-in for mayor of London. As Easter comes, he is fighting to save his career. To understand why, you have to grasp tin- outrage on the left at his decision to turn his back, on liberal British Muslims and ally himself with ultrareactionary Islamists.

Livingstone and his coterie bullied insiders
who protested - but not into silence. Revulsion at his strange alliances lies behind the devastating leaks about public money going astray and sixfigure salaries going to members of Socialist Action, the tiny Trotskyist sect Livingstone
employs at public expense.

The most senior whistleblower is Atma Singh,
a member of Socialist Action and Livingstone's adviser in Asian affairs. In 2003, his comrades urged Livingstone to ally with the Arab Muslim Brotherhood and Jamaat-i-Islam! (feminists, gays, Jews and apostates need not apply).

Singh was stunned. He tried to stop Livingstone embracing Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Muslim Brotherhood's chief theologian, who along with the usual attacks on women, apostates and the rest had said of the civilian victims of suicide bombings in Israel: "We cannot say that the casualties are innocent civilians. They are not civilians or innocent." Livingstone's staff arranged for the sheikh to visit London with the help of the Muslim Association of Britain, a small group whose leader declared: "As a Muslim, martyrdom is an integral part of Islamic theology." Singh confronted Redmond O'Neill, Livingstone's chief of staff, "I objected to Livingstone saying we must work with al-Qaradawi and others who were soft on suicide attacks on Israelis." Singh told the Eye.

"'I said that we had a good relationship with London's Jews and me Boaid of Deputies of British Jews worked with us in the National Assembly Against Racism. But O'Neill went on and on about the Board of Deputies of British Jews. He said they represented the 'Zionist lobby' and 'we must smash the Zionists'.

"Livingstone was more interested in the Muslim vote and thought that by pandering to al-Qaradawi he could get it. He began to say things he would never have said before, calling a Jewish reporter a concentration camp guard and telling Jewish businessmen to leave the country1."

As soon as Singh spoke out, Livingstone and his aides blackballed him. 'They took control of faith matters away from me. I was completely isolated."

In the end, Singh had a nervous breakdown
and resigned. But his departure did Livingstone no good. For the past two months, Singh has been, er, singing like a canary and telling the papers how Socialist Action appointees fundraised and campaigned for Livingstone when they were meant to be neutral civil servants.


Not what you're after... but an anti-ken vid all the same:

Jill, London

Thank you, Backing Boris, but Comrade Livingstone’s sockpuppets aren’t interested in anti-Livingstone information - although they seem to ignore that this is a Conservative website!

Indeed, the newspaper article flagged up by “anti-clown” is by AA Gill in the Sunday Times – and the conclusion is: “However, this is a really huge prize, unquestionably the best job in British politics, with more power and money than most cabinet ministers. And Boris has suddenly woken up to the fact that it could all be his. He can almost touch it. Like Antony on the barge, he’s racked by the thought of what he must do to get it; and the thought of losing is just too painful to contemplate. To win, he has to commit everything to the fight. He’s caught on the horns of his own ambition and his terror of failing.”

Comrade Livingstone’s sockpuppets are – as usual – unimpressive. They are sour, sneering, sarcastic, spiteful, smug – and nasty. I suggest Comrade Livingstone’s sockpuppets just put the proverbial sock in it!


Would that be the A.A. Gill who wrote:

"That night, while Boris is having a ghastly, unfocused, underprepared, stuttering and blustering factless rant at Paddick and the mercurial Livingstone on Newsnight, I briefly meet the Tory leader, David Cameron, at the British Press Awards.

“Boris is doing very well – he might even win,” Cameron says. He sounds both rhetorical and inquisitorial, but also as if he might be surprised if I agree."

Jill, London

Comrade Livingstone’s sockpuppet “anti-clown” may delight in AA Gill’s occasional acerbic comments about Boris – although – as I’ve pointed out previously – Gill reaches a positive conclusion about Boris. But “anti-clown” is obviously unaware that Gill has a sideline in upsetting people.

Food critic Gill upset theatre critics en masse – as related by the Daily Telegraph’s Charles Spencer – for saying: "that no aspect of the culture is as badly served by its critics as the theatre". Spencer continues: “Worse still, he was shocked to discover that drama reviewers wear old macs, shiny-buttocked suits and almost certainly wouldn't know how to behave at a dinner party. I cheerfully admit to the charge that many theatre critics are disgracefully scruffy, this one included, unlike Gill, who according to a Guardian profile wears suits lined with ladies' silk scarves and is the proud owner of a smoking jacket. I bet he has one of those camelhair overcoats with a black velvet collar too, that infallible sign of a bounder and a cad.” The story is headlined: “'I'd love to give AA Gill a good kicking'”. Link: http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2007/sep/10/mondaymediasection.pressandpublishing2

One Gill story with great longevity is: •”Critic AA Gill and his companion Joan Collins were thrown out of Ramsay's self-titled restaurant in Chelsea in 1998. The chef was reportedly angry over Gill's description of him in a review as a failed sportsman who acts like an 11-year-old.” Link: http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2007/jun/21/realitytv.broadcasting

And “Gill started a feud with the entire Welsh nation when he denounced them as ‘loquacious dissemblers, immoral liars, stunted, bigoted, dark, ugly, pugnacious little trolls’.” Link: http://www.timeout.com/london/features/4234/Famous_London_feuds.html

Taking Gill’s writing style into account – and contrary to “anti-clown”’s view – I’d say Boris got off lightly!


Someone older and more experienced needs to explain to "Jill" that the purpose of "spin" is to persuade others, not to convince yourself of the self-serving nonsense that you've served up here.

You might be happy with a candidate who is "ghastly, unfocused, underprepared, stuttering and blustering," engaging in a "factless rant," but no-one else is. Except, perhaps, the "Comrade" (yawn) Livingstone who is the principal beneficiary of Boris's said shortcomings.

But, of course, everyone who finds fault is obviously a "Comrade" (zzzz....) or in the pay of the Livingstone machine (sadly, I've yet to find any cheques through the letter box to date and I don't think even his profligacy with taxpayers' money extends to subsidising lifelong Conservative members), or one is a member of a rather strange and sinister-sounding group called "Socialist Action." Well, I suppose life is more colourful in Jill's Enid Blytonesque-world.

Jill, London

"anti-clown" is the one who needs a reality check. Although "anti- clown" is prone to flights of fantasy - I fail to see what Enid Blyton has to do with this.

I have stated perfectly clearly that AA Gill makes a living out of upsetting others. I have given a number of examples - but - straightforward comprehension seems beyond these Comrade Livingstone sockpuppets.


"I have stated perfectly clearly that AA Gill makes a living out of upsetting others"

Not like anyone we're talking about here then? The remarks about the Welsh sound like the kind of thing a certain person has said about Liverpool, African children, Muslims etc, etc, etc.

Oh, well, it doesn't matter that someone criticised Boris because, they've also said some beastly things about other people.

Let’s see how this stellar argument looks from a different perspective, shall we? Boris has criticised Livingstone but, you know what, it doesn't matter what he said and we don't have to discuss the merits of Boris's argument, because, er, Boris has criticised other people as well! What a jolly good argument that is. Well done.

Gosh, you know, it must be a treacherous existence, where those rough "bolsheviks" and "comrades" lurk around every corner, ready to plunge the Empire into anarchy and chaos at a moment's notice if they can succeed with their dastardly plans, like banning Golly and the little black doll, perhaps. All the same, I think that if "Jill" doesn't hurry along home she might not catch up with the Famous Five and she might not make it home in time for tea.

Jill, London

Comrade Livingstone's sockpuppets set themselves up like coconuts on a shy. This is a Conservative website, and if they post anti-Boris statements they are going to be challenged. In response, the challenger will have vitriol poured over them.


"Comrade Livingstone's sockpuppets set themselves up like coconuts on a shy. This is a Conservative website, and if they post anti-Boris statements they are going to be challenged. In response, the challenger will have vitriol poured over them."

Er, ahem, er.... Yes, but the fantasy that those people on here are Labour and/or pro-Livingstone is indicative of your small and under-developed mind. In any event--in language that you can, perhaps, understand--"if they post anti-Boris statements they are going to be challenged" is only going to work, if you are capable of refuting them. Current performance says--big time-- not, but I guess "Comrade Livingstone" made you inarticulate. Right, [boyish, tomboyish] "Jill,"? You love Boris, but did you get home in time for tea (anarchists, bolsheviks and communists notwithstanding)?

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