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Ali T

Some truly shocking stats and yet more proof if any was needed that Labour’s attempt to spend their way out of these problems is failing and consigning a whole generation to the scrapheap.

Well done IDS. The question is whose listening and who will take up the recommendations?


Half of children in Inner London live in poverty - no they don't. And subscribing to the left-think that makes it possible to even make this absurd claim with a half-way straight face goes a long way to detailing, yet again, the painful inadequacies of IDS.

James Strachan

I think that ACT should go to Hackney or Lambeth or the other boroughs set out by the CSJ.

If ACT comes back alive and still with a mobile phone, ACT will be, if not wiser, at least better informed.

Matt Kellett

Great work - Boris should be openly endorsing it.


Notwithstanding the fact that the last time my phone was stolen it was in millionaires' row in W1, it remains a boring fact that, only by subscribing to really quite absurdly far left definition of relative poverty is it possible to even begin making the ludicrous claim that half of children in inner London 'live in poverty'. To repeat: they don't.


In this country, 'Poverty' is a lifestyle choice.

That is the conclusion from this report.


this is shocking. it's a good job someone i.e. Ian Duncan Smith is actually doing something about it, its about time the rest of the politicians started becoming concerned about these issues. Good job Ian. What a shocking picture after 11 years of a labour government. they should be ashamed of themselves.

ACT, yes they do live in poverty. so what if its measured in a "left-wing" way. Don't be so pedantic. the facts show that these people live in relative poverty and we need to help them, not argue over whether its a left wing measure or not. It's that kind of extremism on the right that turns people off the conservative party. IDS is a great man and deserves our respect.

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