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Are jumpers like Graeme's for sale? If/when Boris has won, the party should get lots made and sell them for party funds. Would be a good money spinner and I'd like to see lots of people around London this summer/autumn wearing them (although Graeme's fans will rightly say that not many of us would look as good as him in one!)

graeme archer

I'm the one with the arrow on his head. And they MADE us wear the teeshirts!

Both Boris and David Cameron put in an hour on the phones this morning. I couldn't help eavesdropping on some of their calls.

Boris (for it was he): Hello, this is Boris Johnson calling.

Voter: [indeterminate noise signifying surprise]

Boris: Yes it is me! Oh you are? Thank you very much!

Jennifer Wells

You look like Gyles Brandreth Graeme!!!


damn... I should have answered my landline if it might have been the man himself!

Unfortunately my telephone manner is very poor and I'm on call with work so can't be making calls.
I am trying to spread the word in the virtual world as much as poss tho!

Sally Roberts

Londoner, I too would love a sweatshirt like Graeme's and want to know where we can get hold of one!
Anyone who wants a day helping in a constituency on Thursday, please come to Hammersmith - we will give you a warm welcome (and lots of work to do!)

Paul D


Surely only Boris could get away with talking about "stonking quantities of dosh"!

Buckinghamshire Tory

I would have loved to help out in London, but I will be canvasing in North Hertfordshire.


Articles like this one that help improve the party's electioneering are to be encouraged. I would have loved to have contributed more actively in London but local election battles are taking up all spare time. I look forward to ConservativeHome taking a similarly active role for Crewe...

Cllr Nicholas Bennett

The new Beckenham Constituency is the safest Tory seat in London. Normally we provide mutual aid but this is the one election when your help will really make a difference. Some of our wards have 75% Tory votes so knocking up will be really fruitful. Come and help drop the fruit into Boris's basket on Thursday.

Beckenham is easy to reach just 15mins from Victoria or London Bridge.

E mail: beckenhamconservatives.com or [email protected] or call 0208 650 1944 or 0777 444 6763

Your time will not be wasted!

Nicholas Bennett
Chairman Beckenham Conservatives

Graham D'Amiral

Anyone wanting to help in Old Bexley & Sidcup would be most welcome. Having spent many months identifying a vast number of conservative supporters, What we do over the next 48 hours to ensure we turn those pledges in to conservative votes is going to be the critical stage of the campaign. The more help we get the more we can do.

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