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Cllr Nicholas Bennett

These are very welcome reforms to the City Hall organisation.

The present set up is a disgrace and not worthy of the high standards to which, in my experience, most of the UK's central and local government adheres.

It is probably the sensible thing not to announce names at this stage - it could be seen to be acting in advance of the voters' decision, however it will reassure voters to know details of a transition team ready to ensure a smooth transfer of power if Boris wins on May 1st.

In addition to City Hall, teams will be needed to take over TfL & the LDA. New members of the MPA will need to be appointed.

James John

The Cabinet for London is an excellent idea and is so badly needed. Boris is a Colonel Blimp figurehead - loved by many but not taken too seriously by an equal number. He needs a strong team behind him. It is so frustrating, therefore, that no big fish are prepared to commit themselves until he wins. Without their commitment, the chances are that he won't win. grrrr


The sort of people he needs for a cabinet will either presently be in senior private sector jobs or in other political offices, such as Council Leaders etc. These people will not want to signal to their employers (or electors) that they would be attracted by doing something else, until they know the opportunity is definite. I think Boris can play this to his advantage by pointing out that the sort of high quality people he will appoint do not operate on the basis of hypothetical job offers. It would be reassuring though if there were one or two who had privately indicated they would join him.

I listened to part of his LBC three-way phone in/hustings with the other two candidates this morning (8am to 9am) and Boris seemed to be doing a lot better than he did on Newsnight. Distractions of children and domestic tasks meant I did not hear all of it. Boris seemed to benefit by the whole atmosphere being more relaxed and good natured than it was on Newsnight. There was some mutual teasing about modes of transport (Ken apparently can't ride a bike!) which culminated in Ken complaining that Boris does not wear a cycling helmet at which Paddick made quite a good joke that if Boris fell on his head it might not make much difference. To reassure you, there were some good serious points made as well.


Big mistake, to pledge not to serve more than two terms. Boris' first broken promise, and he's not even mayor yet!

Richard Calhoun

It is very welcome news that Boris intends to have an experienced cabinet with himself as the figurehead and communicator.

After the other evening's newsnight interviews with Livingstone and Paddick as well it has to be said that none of them conveyed a sense of experience and competency to run a large organisation.


This is another good move by Boris - his campaign thus far has been very steady and good.

I listened to the LBC debate this morning and I thought Boris was excellent and out classed the other two. A huge improvement on his poor/average Newsnight performance.


Its a good idea, London has a population larger than that of Scotland and produces 20% of the UK's GDP, its one of the worlds mega cities and is in fierce competition with New York. It need a cabinet, a proper one.

I was also disappointed with Boris on Newsnight. It was a dire performance to say the least. It was like he was using the Michael Howard rulebook on Q&A's. Answer the bloody question Boris! don't waffle and learn your facts and figures...

Peregrine De Chauncey

I fear Livingstone is going to win this contest. I can see him scraping through by 1 or 2%. Boris is a good laugh but all bluster.

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