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Why do The Telegraph recruit left wing hacks?

They bring so many anti-Tory prejudices with them.

Andrew Porter is a Brownite I understand?

Phil Taylor

I was at Boris' do today. I discussed teenage knife crime with my 18 year-old kitchen hand on Saturday. He too has a dead contemporary. He reckons that a large number of kids at his 6th form in south west London carry knives.

The sentence for carrying a bladed weapon only went up from two years to four years on February 12th 2007 but even when it “only” two years the criminal justice system was letting off 80% of offenders with non-custodial sentences.

My kitchen hand will be safe when the first lad in his school gets sent down for 4 years for carrying. It will be hard on that first boy but every kid in the neighbourhood will instantly get safer.

Hopefully Prince will have talked to some of the Tories present today and found out that they are a pretty wide range of people. Or maybe that would undermine her prejudices?

Clunking Fist

Andrew Porter Gordon Brown Reporter, writes exclusively about Gordon. Rosa Prince's Mirror background explains her constant soft focus on other Labour 'news'

Is there anyone at the Telegraph political desk who isn't pro-Brown?

Peter Golds

I suspect Rosa's journey from Islington to Edmonton must have been very difficult and disturbing.

Obviously she sees herself as the next Mad Polly but one


Yeah, Team Boris is from Da Streets - keep working that one.

Patsy Sergeant

CCHQ Spy @ 13.01 - Thats the whole point of Ms. Prince working for the Telegraph - the percieved wisdom goes that, there are a much greater number of readers of the Telegraph who are NOT politically astute - if not actually politically naive!, so those readers will most likely not know of Ms. Prince's left-wing beliefs - if they even bother to read her articles!! And in that way - if the articles are read of course - it is hoped that the publics opinions will be molded.

Sean Fear

In fact, I'd find it hard to count the number of Conservative journalists on the Telegraph on the fingers of more than one hand.

Justin Hinchcliffe

Good think that I buy the Guardian - at least you know where you stand with them...


Why is this place any more real than middle class suburbs? What do they mean by real?

Peter Rogers

Rosa Prince is a pointless little hack. Widely seen as a joke at Westminster, but keen to get on the Telegraph blog as she's squeezed out of the newspaper by more serious hacks. Was rubbish at the Mirror and is rubbish at the Telegraph. Can imagine how she got her Mirror job in the first place. anyone got any idea?

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