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Sally Roberts

Well done, Boris! This is exactly the sort of thing he should be highlighting.

Wang Din Chin

Good Grief

Are we tories advocating yet more public spending? Do you not realise you will simply have to raise more tax if you want more central governemt spending.

I want small government and tax cuts, thats why I am a Conservative.

Please cut public spending the market is king.


NuLab is, and has always been Old Labour in its beliefs - particularly when it comes to redidstribution of wealth.

Blair, Brown and the rest of NuLab have been doling out the largesse to the Northern inner City boroughs and to Scotland and as a result London (and the shire counties) had been left behind. The result is that NuLab got elected in 2005.

Ken has followed the same policies when it came to London - this time of course there is an East-West split (Congestion charge) and inner and outer borough split.

In order to win the next General Elections, we must first get rid of Livingstone and his sleazy cronies. That should pave the way for us to win at least 60 of the 75 Parliamentary constituencies that cover greater London (a feat we achieved in 1983, 1987 and to a lesser extent in 1992.

Then we can turn our guns towards the national scene.

It is for all of us the Conservative grassroots to mobilise and get the vote out. Boris can easily get over 50% of the first prefernce votes.

Sally Roberts

"Boris can easily get over 50% of the first prefernce votes."

You are quite right, Yogi! It's also important that we need to get across to Conservative voters that they should NOT use their second preference votes at all!

London Scot

I like that... "from this Scottish Chancellor and his Scottish Prime Minister"!

Can you imagine if Johnson had said: "from this BLACK Chancellor and his ASIAN Prime Minister"?

I think this will backfire. London isn't full of upper class South East of England racists like Henley - there are many Scots living and working in London and many others who will simply see this as yet more evidence - justified or unjustified - of Boris's casual racism and his discriminatory attitudes against anyone who isn't white, born in the South East, wealthy, or educated at Eton and Oxford.


Wang Din Chin: I don't think Boris is arguing for more total UK spending - just a fairer distribution to places like London.

Another London Scot

As another London Scot I think that most of us in the capital find it annoying that people who represent Scottish constituencies (not all of who are Scots, of course) are quite happy to fiscally rape London taxpayers without fear of consequence. Brown and Darling have as little feeling for Londoners as they do for people from Northern Ireland. To them, London is simply a cash cow.

Graeme Archer

Since I'm Scottish and live in London (in one of the boroughs most done over by the scandalous misdirection of funds), can I distance myself from "London Scot" @ 13.19.

The accusations of racism against Boris are so obviously crap and so obviously the work of a Labour troll, it's not worth responding to probably - but anyway, "London Scot" says this:

like that... "from this Scottish Chancellor and his Scottish Prime Minister"!

Can you imagine if Johnson had said: "from this BLACK Chancellor and his ASIAN Prime Minister"?

No of course I can't "London Scot". Unless, of course, we had a black chancellor who took taxes off Londoners of all races, and then spent it only on black Londoners. Even that would be an improvement over what we actually get from Livingstone, who prefers to squander millions on corrupt front organisations, such as those run by his now politically defunct 120K pa "race" advisor Lee "I want to cook you on the beach" "It's a racist attack" Jasper. These front organisations repay their political master by writing anonymous letters to blogs, in order to accuse anyone who hates Livingstone's politics of being a racist.

Listen carefully Labour trolls: We. Have. Had. Enough.


Can you imagine if Johnson had said: "from this BLACK Chancellor and his ASIAN Prime Minister"?

It'll only be possible in a Tory government. Once upon a time we couldn't imagine a woman Prime Minister either ;)

Margaret on the Guillotine

Sally Roberts. It is an irrelevance as to whether voters for Livingstone or Johnson place a second preference. Their votes will count for Livingstone, or Johnson, in the final round regardless.

Armchair General

In your attempt to smear Boris as a racist you are showing how little you understand discrimination. In general, personal adjectives are acceptable if they are relevant. “Barack Obama would be the first black President” is fine, “the black President has a greater understanding of discrimination” would be fine, too, but “the black President can’t spell” is not fine.

Boris is entitled to describe Brown and Darling as Scottish because that fact is relevant to how they govern England. Just as you Scots were entitled to use the word “English” when you complained about being governed by the English.

Armchair General

Sorry, that should have been addressed to London "Scot" and should have been "white President".


The Editor is right about Wang Din Chin near the top of the thread. The point is the distribution of taxpayers' funds to local authorities and the unfair allocation to London. Thank you too to the two London Scots who clearly see that it is NOT irrelevant to how London has been treated that this Government is dominated by Scottish and other northern MPs.

I must take up Sally on her statement that people shouldn't use their second preferences. This is not only wrong, but potentially dangerous. If Boris and Ken are the top two, then our second prefences as Boris first pref voters will make no difference - they cannot harm him. However, in the unlikely event that Boris should implode and come third, I would not want to be responsible for Ken being re-elected over Paddock thank you. But the more dangerous aspect of this thought getting about is if it discourages voters for other candidates using their second prefs - we should all be persuading our Lib Dem friends that this time they must vote Boris as second preference, not either abstain or vote Ken. We can hardly do that if we loftily say we will not use our own second pref votes (in favour of Paddock, because Ken is so damaging). There is a link from Guido to a poll that shows that Boris was leading Ken on second preferences in early February by 5%; it might well be more now. So in fact if it's close, as it probably will be (50% first preferences is for the birds - get real please), Boris's ultimate election could well be courtesy of those second pref votes.

london conservative

"Boris can easily get over 50% of the first prefernce votes."

Not very bright are you?

Sally Roberts

"we should all be persuading our Lib Dem friends that this time they must vote Boris as second preference, not either abstain or vote Ken."

Yes, Londoner - you slightly misunderstand me - I am not saying that NO voters should use their second preference - only that CONSERVATIVE voters should not. The reason for this is that you cannot vote Conservative twice - i.e. you give your 1st preference for Boris and your 2nd preference would therefore be for either Ken or Paddick - therefore that gets added to their piles of votes... Those voting Labour or Lib Dem as their 1st preference might choose Boris as their second preference (more likely admittedly for a Lib Dem 1st pref voter than a Lab 1st pref) - put at its simplest, that would be GOOD news for us..! Do you see where I am coming from?

Sally Roberts

Margaret on the Guillotine - I don't think that is correct, 1st preference votes get counted and then 2nd preference votes get added to them! Otherwise what would be the point of having a 2nd preference - there would only be any point in voting once!

Dan Hassett

Sally, I think that you have misunderstood the system for electing the Mayor.

First preference votes are all counted. If any candidate gets over 50% of the votes, he/she is the winner and nothing further happens.

If no candidate gets over 50% of the first preference votes, the top two candidates face a head to head run off. All other candidates are eliminated. At that point, the second preferences of all people who voted for an eliminated candidate come into play. Those which are cast for one of the two surviving candidates are added to their pile, with the others being discarded.

Therefore, Conservative voters are not making it less likely that Boris will win if their utilise their second preference votes. The only way those votes will be counted is if Boris is not one of the top two candidates on the first preference count.


Dan, Thank you. I hope your greater clarity than I managed will convince Sally that there is no way that Boris supporters putting down a second preference can harm Boris. I reiterate my feeling that a bit of flattery to Lib Dem friends and acquaintances that we are putting down their candidate as no 2 might cajole some of them to reciprocate. I think I might canvass my three Lib Dem councillors to that effect!


"Conservative voters that they should NOT use their second preference votes at all!"
Why I was thinking of voting for the Christians peoples alliance for my second prefrence. (seriously)

Sally Roberts

OK Londoner and Dan! I am convinced!! Don't think I'll use my own second preference vote though as there is no alternative party I would contemplate voting for.

Mark Fulford

In a three horse race (which this effectively is), the Supplementary Vote system could be called the "Anyone But" system.

Conservatives who want anyone but Ken should use their second place vote as a contingency in case it's a run off between Brian Paddick and Ken Livingstone. (Sally, given a choice between those two, which one would you prefer).


I seriously doubt that Boris Johnson has the skills to prise more money out of H.M. Treasury. Here's what David Aaronovitch had to say about him today in a very balanced piece which also was critical of the Mayor:

"But there is another truth about Boris, one which I am reluctant to state, because it is both ad hominem and self-incriminatory. I recognise in myself someone who shouldn't really be allowed to run anything other than himself. I did once have delusions that I could be an executive, but the commitment to doing boring things, at high levels of detail, eventually defeated me. Even now my expenses go unclaimed, my occasional forays into other media remain uninvoiced, some solicitors of my services go long unanswered. And Boris makes me look like Mr Efficiency. There is hardly a senior soul in this business who hasn't turned up to an evening with Boris, to discover that it is an evening with anyone but. “I'm sorry,” says the chair, anticipating the boos of disappointment, “but Boris Johnson is unable to be with us,” followed by some lie.

The man is chaotic. The notion that a Boris administration will, as his website promises every few lines, subject London's finances and procedures to the most rigorous of scrutinies, is beyond parody. I was discussing this problem with a Conservative commentator the other day. His slightly apologetic view was that Boris might be able to surround himself with a good team, who would compensate for his rather obvious lack of qualifications. Then he looked up, caught my expression, and laughed. It was a capital joke."

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