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Conservative Homer

Wonder if he tries to cry racism?!

Joseph Brayson

Is it just me or have the BBC completly ignored this story and instead have concentrated on his so called election launch. Also there is no sign of the opinion polls which place Boris Johnson in the lead.

Tony Makara

Yet more evidence that Livingstone is living on borrowed time. Politics these days has become like an open sewer, corruption is everywhere and it stinks like a rotting corpse. The saddest thing of all is that some local elections these days only get a 12% or 15% turnout. People are turning their backs on the political process because of this sort of thing.

We seriously need a better system of political audit and those that don't declare donations should be charged with treason because what they do undermines the crown. We will only get rid of slush funds when we start seeing the crime for the act of treason that it is and we start sending people to prison for a very long time.

Malcolm Redfellow

There are other corruptions, worse venalities.

Why, for example, did I have to wait until today to read (this from Hugh Muir in The Guardian Diary):

"The stakes are high for all the candidates, and for the capital -- but also for Associated Newspapers. Next year, the mayor, whoever it is, must give someone the lucrative contract to publish and distribute the capital's free morning newspaper on the London Underground. At present the contract, worth several million, is held by Associated, publisher of the Evening Standard and the morning freesheet Metro. But having tussled throughout his reign with the Standard - the paper he calls the Evening Boris - Livingstone will think twice, and twice again, before letting his bitterest foes walk off with the new contract. Might the talks be easier with Mayor Johnson?"

Jill, London

Malcolm Redfellow - whilst Comrade Livingstone may be at loggerheads with the Evening Standard at the moment - he wrote restaurant reviews for them for four years so that's hardly the act of "bitterest foes".

Pile of BS

What pile of BS.

James C

Is there anyone in

James C

Joseph Brayson said

Is it just me or have the BBC completely ignored this story and instead have concentrated on his so called election launch.

The story was ignored. Because it isn’t a story, it is Tory spin. On the day Ken sets out his stall, low and behold, some no mark Tory MP jumps from the flanks waving a piece of paper. The MP has obviously been sitting on this piece of paper for some time and choose today to reveal it. Therefore it is Tory HQ spin and not a story.

Furthermore I have heard 3 different versions of what this silly little MP’s piece of paper holds. Property Developer, Labour funds, Form not filled out correctly. No doubt all are nonsense. This was a pure Tory HQ inspired stunt, just like brown ale bottles and red balloons.

The more I watch, the more childish the Conservative party get. You are all like little silly protesting students.

David (One of many)

James C - leaving aside the fact that the Mayor of London is apparently, and deliberately, keeping donations from public view. Before you accuse people of being childish, have a read about Hazel Blears's behaviour when David Cameron visited Salford.


'The more I watch, the more childish the Conservative party get. You are all like little silly protesting students.'

Guffaws into hankie. Sorry, are you speaking from the perspective of Kenny ‘one man savior of the Metropolis and model of probity and mature discourse’ Living-god and his wacky take on grotesque self-importance?

Do you by any chance work for the GLA and have the whiff of P45 about you? If so, I would stick to the publicly financed fansite known as http://www.london.gov.uk/ also known as www.kenisreallygreatandifyoudonotvoteforhimyouarearacist.com.

Incidentally. The power of the interweb. I launched into London.gov.uk at the Grauniad yesterday and today, miraculously, his omnipotent image has been removed from the masthead of the site.

Englandism: 1. Red Army: 0

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