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Never mind. I am sure there will be some more stories of inappropriate handling of cash before the election.

Conservative Homer

Im more concerned about the money (ie taxpayers money) his office gives out, rather than what he recieves!

top of the shit

Can someone please explain to me how he can use money from the sale of a painting at his famous art auction, when the buyer was anonymous. Ok the donor is the artist, but sure this is a way of giving money without declaring who are the cash donors.

Postal vote farmer

To be fair to Ken (it is hard) he is in exactly the same position as all other candidates in respect of donations of less than £5k made to the central parties which will then be donated by the centre(s) to individual candidates.
I should be interested to know the procedure by which Boris is checking the permissibilty of donations made directly to him from donors outside of the GLA area.ie how does he check the electoral registers?


Yeah, & we should know who the people who fund the Tories via the Midlands Industrial Council are too (talking of 'outrageous').

David Matthews

Ken Livingston was not elected as a Labour candidate in 2000 but was in 2004. In whose name or organisation were donations prior to 2004 made.
Concerned voter

Jill, London

Serf is quite right - look at this! The Evening Standard [of 28 March] have this story regarding: "A £20,000 donation to Ken Livingstone's 2004 re-election campaign from train drivers' union Aslef was never publicly declared, it was claimed today."


Bumbling Boris

Today, in The Independent, he's back!

"But when we get onto the issues, I get worried. I ask him why he supported Section 28, the notorious legislation that banned teachers from “promoting” homosexuality – and it quickly becomes clear he doesn’t actually know what it was. “As I recall the issue was to do with compulsion. Wasn't the question [about] whether or not schools should be compelled to have [these lessons]? I thought the issue was: are you compelling teachers in schools to take a particular line? I'm not in favour of that… There’s far too much proscription already of what teachers have to say and do. I’m against bossiness”

But Boris, I explain – Section 28 was the act of bossiness and proscription. It was a flat-out ban, telling teachers not to talk about gays. He goes into his ‘oh cripes’ routine, as if it is charming that he supported a piece of legislation he had totally misunderstood."


Jill, London

Re Johann Hari's article in "The Independent" - Hari appears to be presenting himself as a one-man hustings for gay men. There are detailed responses from Boris, and Comrade Livingstone, but Paddick's are just skimmed over. That's hardly good journalism. And fellow Lefty journalist Nick Cohen branded Hari "deceitful" over a book review. Link:http://www.nickcohen.net/?p=248

Jack, London

Oh, yes, "the Comrades," "ammo," yes, sloanes-who-work-for-Boris-Johnson and who-don't-understand-what-he-has-got-himself-into should, perhaps, reflect on why he doesn't understand Section 28 and, barely, understands why he had to change his position on it.

Jill, London

"Jack, London" - What is your problem apart from personally disliking Boris Johnson?

Letters From A Tory

Surely a fairly simple rule change would stop anyone from behaving like Ken has? Why is the establishment so unbelievably poor at responding to these kinds of situations?

Jack, London

What's not to like about Boris Johnson? Great jokes. Good sense of humour.

But it is a bit boring to have to listen to someone try to remember why they voted for a piece of homophobic legislation. I mean, what's the point when there is a great candidate out there in the form of Madonna? Brilliant singer, great hits, sound anti-Ken policies and none of the boring being in a political party stuff. She's even married to the son of Shireen Ritchie.

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