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Ben Stevenson

Facebook is not necessarily representative of public opinion in general - otherwise Ron Paul would have won the Republican nomination.

Tim Roll-Pickering

Ben you're thinking of MySpace. And Ron Paul's campaign was explicitly structured around the internet so his result was always going to be disproportionate.


London Mayor stuff - Greens are targeting Paddick:


Steve R

All very well, but how many of the Facebook clicky-click people are going to actually get up, get out, and vote? A fraction, I'd imagine.

Not Boris

Facebook is for sad people without real friends.

Bumbling Boris

"And we know he is hazy about the financing for his much-trumpeted bus policies. "What's the cost going to be?" asked Andrew Neil, referring to the candidate's mooted revival of the Routemaster and conductors. "Well, that depends on the development cost and various other factors that, of course, we will bear in mind." "So we don't know," interjected Neil. "We don't know," Johnson said. He is going to need a lot of help if he ever gets to City Hall."



Heh Heh just wait now while ZaNuLab demands every member in the UK and associated trot groups in China, Cuba and other marxist paradises sign up to Ken for God...


Bumbling Boris | March 28, 2008 at 01:06

Anyone who knows about project management would know that the initiation stage looks at feasibility and costs. It is unlikely that you would have anything more than a remote idea of costs at the stage of initial proposal.

In other words you need to spend some seed money to identify the costs, benefits and environmental/ economic impact of any project.

Bear in mind that I have worked in major projects at TfL and do have some idea of the process.


I'm pestering all my facebook and real friends to remember to register... it's hard to get people glued to facebook to get off their backsides to go and vote, but I think the thought of having Ken in for another 4 years will break the inertia!
Go Boris!
ps. please visit http://www.LondonLX.com


You can always remind your computer-bound friends to register for a postal vote.

Graham Checker

Can we not call Lefties "Liberals" please?

I see no reason why we need to import this misleading vocabulary from the US.

Lefties are NOT Liberal in any sense of the word.

Conservatives are the true Liberals, believing, as they do, in individual freedom.

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